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Virginia García Acosta

la siguiente frase: “shaping disaster risk reduction through local knowledge” ( Mercer, 2012, p. 98 ) 8 Baldwin y King desarrollan sus propuestas con base en tres estudios de caso, que llevaron a cabo en un municipio en Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica

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Thomas D. Hall

company’s discussions not only would raise additional, supplementary questions for Islam’s analyses, but also would have pointed to some specific ways in which such local knowledge might be applied to improve the lives of local peoples’ aquaculture. I can

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Linda D’Amico

democratisation of buen vivir [living well]’. The 2012 survey was designed to build upon local knowledge and concerns, and was conceptually guided by the CMI research team and upon Inteñas’ visions initiated in 2006–7. Quiénes Somos: Cómo Estamos : CMI 2012

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Eleanor Sterling, Tamara Ticktin, Tē Kipa Kepa Morgan, Georgina Cullman, Diana Alvira, Pelika Andrade, Nadia Bergamini, Erin Betley, Kate Burrows, Sophie Caillon, Joachim Claudet, Rachel Dacks, Pablo Eyzaguirre, Chris Filardi, Nadav Gazit, Christian Giardina, Stacy Jupiter, Kealohanuiopuna Kinney, Joe McCarter, Manuel Mejia, Kanoe Morishige, Jennifer Newell, Lihla Noori, John Parks, Pua’ala Pascua, Ashwin Ravikumar, Jamie Tanguay, Amanda Sigouin, Tina Stege, Mark Stege and Alaka Wali

biodiversity Are local knowledge and cultural traditions related to biodiversity transmitted from elders and parents to young people in the community? (10) Documentation of biodiversity-associated knowledge Is agricultural biodiversity and associated knowledge

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Konstantin Klokov

herding included hunting, reindeer herding, fishing, gathering and trade among Evenks, Evens, Tofalars, and other indigenous Siberian peoples. Traditional reindeer herding required local knowledge about the landscape, behavior of wild species and Figures

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Azim Malikov

Qojas”: Local Knowledge of a Muslim Tradition in Devout Societies vs. Impious States? Transmitting Islamic Learning in Russia, Central Asia and China, through the 20th Century ’, in Devout Societies vs. Impious States? Transmitting Islamic Learning in

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Natalie Clark

healthy resistance strategies and activism ( Clark 2012 ). The health of Indigenous girls must be accounted for in models based in Indigenous traditions and belief systems and local knowledge in order to incorporate spiritual, emotional, mental, and

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(Re)sounding Histories

On the Temporalities of the Media Event

Penelope Papailias

, could be said to lie in diasporic networks of communication enacted beyond and between national media envelopes, with local knowledge being based in part on global and comparative media scanning. The moral high ground claimed by the song in opposition to

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Quarantine and Its Malcontents

How Liberians Responded to the Ebola Epidemic Containment Measures

Umberto Pellecchia

involved in outbreak control could set their operations alongside local knowledge and practices, instead of importing new ones. Support with food, items and primary health care is as important as creating an environment of dialogue between all actors

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The Three Burials of Aslak Hætta and Mons Somby

Repatriation Narratives and Ritual Performances

Stein R. Mathisen

performance with few witnesses. The marginalization of the decapitated Sámi bodies is also evident in the location of the graves. They were, according to local knowledge and oral tradition, buried on the northern side of the church, under a steep hill, just