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Renée Monchalin and Lisa Monchalin

steps and look to our ancestral teachings. During a conversation over the phone one evening, a particular teaching made our experiences in academia make sense. The teaching is the Anishnaabe Seven Fires Prophecy, which is composed of seven predictions

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Sexy Health Carnival

One Small Part of Indigenous Herstory

Alexa Lesperance

actions and steps we take to survive, but rather to provide support and love, as our ancestors and spirits have taught us well to do. The carnival, since its birth in 2012, has become so much bigger than me as many other Indigenous youth and communities

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Rabbi Daniel Smith

brilliant sermon giver. He always managed to connect to people where they were, and then took them one step further, or even two steps further than they imagined they would go. He was ahead of his time – at the forefront. He was the nearest thing to a

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Love is Love

The Recent Jason Jones Judgement in Trinidad and Tobago

Dylan Kerrigan

spilled onto the steps of the Hall of Justice, a fundamental and long-standing division in the larger society around the decision and what it means to be a ‘good’ citizen locally was plain. On the steps themselves and taking up much of the pavement were

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Carlos López Galviz

consultations to the use of visualization techniques including drawings, models, and prototypes. The “Legible London” section of the exhibit, for instance, shows the different steps taken to turn London into “one of the most walking-friendly cities by 2015

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Taras Fedirko and Marlene Schäfers

yet another argument on either side within these hotly debated fields. Instead of passing judgement on whether or not to attribute personhood and/or agency to animals, plants and things, she side-steps that question altogether and makes the debate

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Kate Cairns

than one hundred countries walked out of school in a coordinated act of defiance. Gathering in parks, public squares, and on the steps of government headquarters, their signs and chants decried the intergenerational violence of planetary destruction

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Excuses! Excuses!

The Failure to Amend Britain’s Immigration Policy, 1942–1943

Lesley Clare Urbach

of Chelwood remarked in the House of Lords on 23 March 1943 during the debate, ‘German Atrocities: Aid for Refugees’, ‘there are tremendous numbers of people who can yet be saved if we take the necessary steps to accomplish that object’. 5 The

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Citizens and Citizenship

The Rhetoric of Dutch Immigrant Integration Policy in 2011

Dana Rem and Des Gasper

multiculturalism and taken many steps to control immigration and regulate integration. New rules have entered for filtering against unwanted “Others”: non-Western allochtonen (literally, people from a different soil), 1 including migrants from Eastern Europe

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Angelina Lukina

Translator : Tatiana Argounova-Low

steps and gravity of the first part of the dance has been described by Richard Middendorf: “slowly and solemnly moves the dancing circle, all participating, bowing all the time, as if trying to make themselves dizzy. The leading singer utters his lines