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Mimetic Governmentality, Colonialism, and the State

Patrice Ladwig and Ricardo Roque

rest of the party. Lévi-Strauss’s account can be seen as part of a broader historical sequence of colonial contact situations in which mimetic exchanges between European and indigenous peoples become the preferred object of writing and reflection (cf

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The Hut-Hospital as Project and as Practice

Mimeses, Alterities, and Colonial Hierarchies

Cristiana Bastos

, violence, moral constraints, community, and boundary-setting” ( Chow 2006: 147 ), and, we may add, colonial domination. In order to address this further application, I will make use of the concept of mimesis and, for the moment, leave aside sacrifice with

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The Economics of Decolonisation

Institutions, Education and Elite Formation

Nicola Viegi

Imperialism, after all was a cooperative venture, and a salient trait of its modern form is that it was (or claimed to be) an educational movement ( Edward Said 1993: 223 ). At present, history of colonial Africa is becoming a popular topic in

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Yan Slobodkin

crisis led to a scandal, resulting in the censure of several administrators. In a period of less than twenty years, the problem of colonial famine, which once received only cursory attention, became a major preoccupation of policymakers throughout the

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Contradictions of Solidarity

Whiteness, Settler Coloniality, and the Mainstream Environmental Movement

Joe Curnow and Anjali Helferty

solidarity, 2 rooted in critiques of settler colonialism and racialization. The anti-pipeline alliances and other land-based fights have forced mainstream environmentalists to confront the racialized and colonial implications of environmental work. For some

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Dis-orienting Western Knowledge

Coloniality, Curriculum and Crisis

Zeus Leonardo

colonial-imperial knowledge first laid out in Orientalism and then developed in subsequent publications over a long career. Central to this section is an accounting for the colonial-imperial function of western knowledge, such as defining and delimiting

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Releasing a Tradition

Diasporic Epistemology and the Decolonized Curriculum

Jovan Scott Lewis

and education, produced thinkers, artists and activists who would go on to become luminary architects of political decolonization across the colonies. Two generations after many of the ideas of colonial liberation were seeded within the imperial

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Natalie Clark

facilitator, and finally my own journey of identity as an Indigenous woman and mother. This is a give-away paper. I offer it as a prayer, as a give-away poem. There is no Ceremony for Completing an Academic Paper. Post-colonial, anti-colonial, decolonizing

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Variants of Frontier Mimesis

Colonial Encounter and Intercultural Interaction in the Lao-Vietnamese Uplands

Oliver Tappe

Lao-Vietnamese upland frontier before and during French colonial administration. I will explore processes of interaction and the manifold entanglements between lowland empires and different upland societies. Mimesis is first of all a way to create

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Adam Branch

Decolonizations of African Studies Colonial legacies are not hard to find in African Studies in the UK today, from the annual Lugard Lecture to the Royal African Society, from Rhodes’ refusal to fall at Oxford, to the Smuts Memorial Trust at