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Meike J. de Goede

In January 1942, André Grenard Matsoua died in a colonial prison in French Equatorial Africa (AEF) from bacillary dysentery—or so the French authorities told his followers. 1 Matsoua had been the leader of the Société Amicale des Originaires de l

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‘The Expenditure of a Million of British Sovereigns in this Otherwise Miserable Place’

Frontier Wars, Public Debt and the Cape’s Non-racial Constitution

Jeff Peires

of colonial society had come to see war as an end in itself, and they preferred to prolong military operations rather than conclude them. The Colonial Office back in Britain found itself trapped in a vicious circle of financial and military crises

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The “Moral Effect” of Legalized Lawlessness

Violence in Britain’s Twentieth-Century Empire

Caroline Elkins

training and natural aggression into a highly disciplined counterterror operation with the single goal of wiping out Arab rebels was the key to reestablishing British colonial control. 2 Wingate’s Third Force took its brand of counterterrorism straight to

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Katrin Sieg

and international hierarchy, and thereby naturalized (western) European paternalism and perpetual inequality. Beliefs about patriarchal authority, which historically secured colonial fantasies, however, have been sharply contested and revised since the

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A Bridge Across the Mediterranean

Nafissa Sid Cara and the Politics of Emancipation during the Algerian War

Elise Franklin

’s religiosity during the Algerian War for independence (1954–1962). French colonial-era modernization campaigns linked veiling with patriarchal tradition, seeking to “emancipate” Algerian women from the practice so they could become citizens of greater France. 3

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Are “the Natives” Educable?

Dutch Schoolchildren Learn Ethical Colonial Policy (1890–1910)

Elisabeth Wesseling and Jacques Dane

discourses about the Indies. An industrializing empire perennially short of colonial officials had to invest systematically in recruiting the next generation of overseas entrepreneurs, administrators, and missionaries, and it was felt that one could not begin

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Seized in Beirut

The Plundered Archives of the Palestinian Cinema Institution and Cultural Arts Section

Rona Sela

Israeli Colonial Mechanisms: Military Plunder, Looting, Censorship and Erasure of Palestinian History This article discusses Palestinian film archives plundered by Israeli forces in Beirut in 1982, held by the Israel Defense Forces Archive (IDFA

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Imitations of Buddhist Statecraft

The Patronage of Lao Buddhism and the Reconstruction of Relic Shrines and Temples in Colonial French Indochina

Patrice Ladwig

( stūpa ) of Laos. None of the 60 monks and novices knew that this stūpa , and many other temples, had been rebuilt by the French colonial regime between 1893 and 1940. When I mentioned this one evening while we were having a chat on the balcony of the

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“Space without People”

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Siegfried Mattl

tales of South Seas paradise, but Ross’s depictions undoubtedly re-oriented appraisals of this space through a strategy combining—or recalling—colonial desire and contemporary geopolitics in popular form. Ross was most invested in shifting the

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Fighting Invasive Infrastructures

Indigenous Relations against Pipelines

Anne Spice

conflict, as infrastructures are proposed across territories that Indigenous peoples have never surrendered to the Canadian state. This article links literature in the anthropology of infrastructure, settler colonial studies, and critical Indigenous studies