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Fern Thompsett

experience ‘the sheer, simple joy of learning for its own sake’. BFU is not alone in taking up this charge. It is one node in a rich constellation of radical study projects that have been proliferating around the world over the past two decades. These

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Eva Insulander, Fredrik Lindstrand, and Staffan Selander

Over the last three decades, notions like “the flipped classroom,” 1 “TPACK,” 2 “digital learning objects,” 3 and “virtual learning environments,” 4 together with the evolution of multimodal communication 5 and new standards for the assessment

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Neda Maghbouleh, Clayton Childress, and Carlos Alamo-Pastrana

Marx's critique of capitalism remains foundational to the university social science curriculum yet little is known about how instructors teach Marx. In post-industrial, service-oriented economies, students are also increasingly disconnected from the conditions of industrial capitalism that animate Marx's analysis. Inspired by the discussion of how a piece of wood becomes a table in Marx's Capital Vol. 1., 'Our Table Factory, Inc.' simulates a diverse array of roles in the chain of production into and out of a table factory to understand key concepts: means/mode of production, use/exchange value, primitive accumulation wage/surplus labour, proletariat, bourgeoisie, alienation, false consciousness, commodity fetishism and communist revolution. We describe the exercise and present qualitative and quantitative assessment data from introductory sociology undergraduates across three small teaching-intensive universities in the United States. Findings detail the exercise's efficacy in fostering retention of material and in facilitating critical engagement with issues of inequality.

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Critical pedagogy and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Questioning our post-secondary institutions’ investment strategies

David P. Thomas

-secondary institutions offers an excellent opportunity to encourage active, engaged, student-centred learning, with the ultimate goal of producing citizens who are willing to and capable of questioning the world around them. By eventually engaging with the limitations

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Student engagement in the management of accelerated change

Anthropological reflections on ‘Project 2012’ and The Offer

Anselma Gallinat

constitutes an exploration of the initiatives and projects that unfolded as this university aimed to reshape learning and teaching practices in preparation for 2012. This was expressed most clearly in the twin initiatives of ‘Project 2012’, which aimed to

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Katie Kirakosian, Virginia McLaurin, and Cary Speck

surroundings (for example, sharing a photo of a farm field to show subsistence rather than considering the role of a supermarket in modern subsistence practices). In short, the deep and more analytical learning that we thought would occur did not for a majority

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Making the best of an inappropriate textbook

Using an ‘international edition’ to teach critical thinking and intercultural understanding

Kristina C. Marcellus

length about the changes in wider Egyptian society that had affected the way that education in their country is done. Students were very aware that models of teaching and learning, such as rote memorisation, that relied upon standardised testing for

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Sam Beck

University–Community Engagement Universities remain centres of liberal learning; however, by following business models ( Strathern 2000 ) and responding to market pressures of a globalised neoliberal economy, academic knowledge is commoditised and

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Transculturality in higher education

Supporting students’ experiences through praxis

Heidi A. Smith

) as approaches to support the transcultural learning experiences of students in higher education. Globally, mobile learners experience different academic systems, communication differences, racial and ethnic distinctions, and often a lack of social

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Alienating students

Marxist theory in action

Megan Thiele, Yung-Yi Diana Pan, and Devin Molina

; Parrotta and Buck 2013 ; Windsor and Carroll 2015 ), this experiential learning activity provides opportunities for students and instructors to rethink the ways that schoolwork can also produce alienating effects. This activity, which provides students