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Governing Global Aeromobility

Canada and Airport Refugee Claimants in the 1980s

Bret Edwards

early 2015 it also passed the Anti-Terror Act, which gives authorities the power to prevent citizens alleged to have terrorist links from boarding an outbound international flight. 86 Canada’s current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, whose Liberal

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When the Future Is Hard to Recall

Episodic Memory and Mnemonic Aids in Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival

Hannah Chapelle Wojciehowski

, sowing terror and paranoia. What prevents these first contacts from veering into human-instigated Armageddon are the heroic efforts at communication made by the finest linguists on the planet— prima inter pares Louise Banks, a professor who interacts

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Digitizing the Western Gaze

The End FGM Guardian Global Media Campaign

Jessica Cammaert

’ crying from within the room where they were cut, Sembène does not rely on images or audio of pain to communicate his point. Emotion is clear, but not terror, as he relies more on the strength of his female heroine, Collé (Fatoumata Coulibaly), who bravely

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For a New Materialist Analytics of Time

Laura Bear

. Masco , J. 2014 . The Theater of Operations: National Security Affect from the Cold War to the War on Terror . Durham, NC : Duke University Press . Munn , N. 1986 . The Fame of Gawa . New York : Cambridge University Press . Munn , N. 1992

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Post-Conflict Dynamics in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Identities, Nationalization, and Missing Bodies

Katerina Seraïdari

, since some of them may become minor actors in the unfolding of history (as Jansen’s article shows) and others may maintain respectful interethnic contacts during and after the war (as Kolind argues). Tactics of terror are rational: implication in them or

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Note on the Question of Animal Suffering in Medieval Islam

Muslim Mu‘tazilite Theology Confronted by Manichean Iranian Thought

Didier Gazagnadou

, the terror or the horror that can seize animals, and that we humans can witness’ ( Derrida 2006: 49 ). And that we humans are the only ones in a position to bear witness to: ‘It is because the animal is deprived of the possibility to testify according

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Tiina Ann Kirss

contradictory –including tragic – accounts of ordinary people surviving the terror of Stalin’s regime. The exertion of ideological efforts for the ‘retrofitting’ of the past should not be regarded apart from the hypothesis that there are (even incoherent

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Paul Gyllenhammer

. Is there hope for change? Environmental Terror and the Global Group-in-Fusion Although Heidegger and Sartre seem to be operating with different sets of concerns, in the light of our planetary crises, they converge rather clearly. Decimation of

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The Rhizomatic Algerian Revolution in Three Twenty-First- Century Transnational Documentaries

Algérie tours, détours (2006), La Chine est encore loin (2009), Fidaï (2012)

Nicole Beth Wallenbrock

; the students invent a crayon revolution at the school where the murder of one of its teachers, according to the official history, “commenced” the war. These children, roughly age eight or nine in 2009, never witnessed the terror of previous generations

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Ian S. Lustick

terrorist. The cases of the American Jewish Defense League activists, who formed the violent ‘Terror against Terror’ group, and of Baruch Goldstein, also a veteran of the Kahanist organization in the United States, were somewhat different. These settlers