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Comic, Tragic, and Burlesque Burkean Responses to Hate

Notes from Counterprotests of Antigay Pickets

Barrett-Fox Rebecca

. The Anti-gay Lobby: The Family Research Council, and the American Family Association and the Demonization of LGBT People . Montgomery, AL : SPLC . http

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Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

campaign such as that in the Federal Republic in 2017. Nonetheless, there is some crossnational empirical research that indicates the presence of openly gay, lesbian, or transgender politicians can inspire legislatures to promote legal equality for lgbt

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Katrin Sieg

facilitated the attachment of gay, lesbian, and transgender fans to national identities, and to Europe, which had been unavailable for passionate identification as long as lgbt people were discriminated against or even criminalized under national laws. 11

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Moral Thresholds of Outrage

The March for Hrant Dink and New Ways of Mobilization in Turkey

Lorenzo D’Orsi

), members of the LGBT community, human rights activists, and the so called “apolitical youth”—the young born after the 1980 coup who have been publicly stigmatized as individualistic and apathetic because of their detachment from politics and consumerist

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A Clash of Civilizations?

Pegida and the Rise of Cultural Nationalism

David N. Coury

their support for sexual self-determination (presumably meaning support for lgbt rights), point seventeen is curiously opposed to the “insanity of gender mainstreaming” and the forced politically correct gender neutralization of the German language. 24

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Beyond the Myth of Lesbian Montmartre

The Case of Chez Palmyre

Leslie Choquette

in Montmartre during the belle époque is important in itself, as it opens a window onto LGBT history, 6 but it also has wider significance. The story of Palmyre’s restaurants highlights the hitherto unacknowledged role of lesbian and gay

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Richard Ivan Jobs, Judith Surkis, Laura Lee Downs, Nimisha Barton and Kimberly A. Arkin

and territories (the DOM-TOM), and LGBT activists in a longer history of efforts to challenge republican universalism by simultaneously moving back in time and beyond it. Take the case of Lassana Bathily, a Malian migrant who was exceptionally granted

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Unpacking Gender Images across Angela Merkel’s Four Campaigns for the Chancellorship, 2005–2017

Joyce Marie Mushaben

Scharping, Schröder, Steinmeier, Steinbrück, and Schulz (unfortunately for Gabriel, having Sigmar as a first name did not suffice). The diverse policy interests of new generations of career women, working mothers, pensioners, single parents and lgbt

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The Social Life of Fighting Words

The Case of Political Correctness

Ronald S. Stade

’s (later gender) studies, Chicano (later Latina/o) studies, Native American studies, LGBT studies, and so forth were introduced at ever more universities and colleges. The composition of the student body changed as well. Ivy League universities in the

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Unreasonable rage, disobedient dissent

The social construction of student activists and the limits of student engagement

Jessica Gagnon

:// . Dearden , L. ( 2016b ) ‘ Donald Trump’s victory followed by wave of hate crime attacks against minorities across US – led by his supporters ’, The Independent , 10 November ,