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Digitizing the Western Gaze

The End FGM Guardian Global Media Campaign

Jessica Cammaert

, transecting as is often the case, existing ethnic, and class divisions (Cammaert forthcoming). And this is precisely what makes End FGM problematic—the allusion/ illusion that regardless of race, religion, class or any other category of identity, women of

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Screening Vulnerability

Brian Bergen-Aurand

twentieth-century American literature, visual culture, and continental philosophy. His work emphasizes matters of religion, ethics, and social justice. Saravanan Mani is completing his doctoral research in the Division of English at Nanyang Technological

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Torben Grodal

, and Sacred Symbols: The Evolution of Religion as an Adaptive Complex .” Human Nature 16 ( 4 ): 323 – 359 . Andrade , Eduardo , and Joel Cohen . 2007 . “ On the Consumption of Negative Feelings .” Journal of Consumer Research 34 ( 3

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Brendan Rooney, Hanna Kubicka, Carl Plantinga, James Kendrick and Johannes Riis

discourse, including history, politics, therapy, and religion. We could also speak of film-politics, film-religion, or film-therapy, but why not just speak of “film” and recognize that narrative films can offer rich experiences that touch on many aspects of

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What Does It Mean to Be an Ecological Filmmaker?

Knut Erik Jensen’s Work as Eco-Auteur

Mette Hjort

Allen and Murray Smith . Oxford : Oxford University Press . Carroll , Noël . 2004 . “ On Being Moved by Nature: Between Religion and Natural History .” Pp. 89 – 107 in The Aesthetics of Natural Environments , ed. Allen Carlson and Arnold

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Akkadia Ford

-coded body, much to Fergus’s shock. Notably, Bree does not die at the end of Transamerica , validating mainstream views that if an individual affirms normative values (monotheistic religion, gender-binary family structures, anti-drugs and anti-sex work

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Philip J. Hohle

Michigan Research Press . Lyden , John C. 2003 . Film as Religion: Myths, Morals and Rituals . New York : New York University Press . Oliver , Mary Beth , and Anne Bartsch . 2010 . “ Appreciation as Audience Response: Exploring Entertainment

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Dan Flory

Press . Haidt , Jonathan . 2013 . The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion . New York : Vintage Books . Kant , Immanuel . [ 1802 ] 1997 . From Physical Geography . Trans. Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze and Katherine M