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Student engagement in the management of accelerated change

Anthropological reflections on ‘Project 2012’ and The Offer

Anselma Gallinat

change thus ensued. Not dissimilar to other instances of rapid transformations ( Hann 1994 ; Verdery 1996 ), the acceleration of change brought to the fore structures and dynamics that are difficult to detect in the routines of everyday life. In the

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Disruptive Technology

Social Media from Modiano to Zola and Proust

Elizabeth Emery

, this twenty-first century characterization of a stable, slow, and peaceful nineteenth-century French society is at odds with the writings of those who lived in the 1800s: they, too, expressed anxiety with regard to the seeming temporal acceleration

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Constanza Parra and Casey Walsh

Alternative Socio-ecological Ideas and Practices in a Context of Crisis Optimism about human entanglements with the environment is hard to come by these days. Despite, and because of, great acceleration in scientific knowledge and technology over

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Nicole Hudgins

signaled the arrival of modernity itself, since this new age would be defined by the compression and acceleration of time. 23 Instead of the “sweet melan cholia” that ruins used to evoke, observers in 1871 or 1918 found themselves on “a range of desolation

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Rethinking Adaptation

Emotions, Evolution, and Climate Change

Debra J. Davidson

continued acceleration of material production and consumption. Furthermore, while we all have the potential to be the actors being observed and imitated by others in our families and communities, the propensity to participate in the framing and dissemination

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Jelena Jovicic

retour plus rapide, et un contact plus efficace avec le sol natal. Paradoxalement, si la mobilité accrue de la population française motive la communauté médicale à surveiller de près l’épanouissement de la nostalgie, l’accélération de ce même processus

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The Other House

The Secondary Residence in Postwar France

Sarah Farmer

expressed in 1970s France took on unprecedented urgency. It now appeared that peasant civilization was not just eroding; the massive acceleration of modernization after the Second World War and the out-migration of the rural population had brought the French

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Inside the global teaching machine

MOOCs, academic labour and the future of the university

Michael A. Peters

, circulation time, distribution time, the turnover time of capital, the acceleration of production or the intensification of work. Critical Internet studies asks questions about the creation, the development and the contradictions of the Internet as well as

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The Many Layers of Moral Outrage

Kurdish Activists and Diaspora Politics

Nerina Weiss

and turned into an acceleration of outrage and lead to increasingly violent action. However, the moral outrage that I encountered among pro-Kurdish activists, and which was visible at the demonstration, was far too multilayered and multitemporal to

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Rethinking France’s “Memory Wars”

Harki Collective Memories, 2003–2010

Laura Jeanne Sims

La Guerre d’Algérie: La fin de l’amnésie , ed. Mohammed Harbi and Benjamin Stora (Paris: Robert Laffont, 2004), 317–44; Hautreux, “Les supplétifs pendant la guerre d’Algérie,” 49–50. 23 Benjamin Stora, “1999–2003, Guerre d’Algérie, les accélérations