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Belonging in a New Myanmar

Identity, Law, and Gender in the Anthropology of Contemporary Buddhism

Juliane Schober

practices construct religious, ethnic, national, and gender identity in order to formulate contemporary visions of belonging to a new Myanmar. Taking Foxeus’s (2016) observations about Buddhist formations in their encounters with modernity and print

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Politicizing Elsewhere(s)

Negotiating Representations of Neo-Pentecostal Aesthetic Practice in Berlin

Dominik Mattes

potentially multiple un/belonging among members of two diasporic religious communities in Berlin ( Dilger et al. 2018 ; Mattes et al. 2019 ). Whereas my colleague Omar Kasmani did fieldwork in a predominantly Turkish-speaking Sufi order, my part of the study

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Around Abby Day’s Believing in Belonging

Belief and Social Identity in the Modern World

Christopher R. Cotter, Grace Davie, James A. Beckford, Saliha Chattoo, Mia Lövheim, Manuel A. Vásquez, and Abby Day

Around Abby Day’s Believing in Belonging: Belief and Social Identity in the Modern World Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011, hardback; 2013, paperback; 256 pages Editorial Introduction by Christopher R. Cotter I first had the pleasure of meeting

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Julián Antonio Moraga Riquelme, Leslie E. Sponsel, Katrien Pype, Diana Riboli, Ellen Lewin, Marina Pignatelli, Katherine Swancutt, Alejandra Carreño Calderón, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Sergio González Varela, Eugenia Roussou, Juan Javier Rivera Andía, Miho Ishii, Markus Balkenhol, and Marcelo González Gálvez

Feminist Subject . Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press . LEITE, Naomi, Unorthodox Kin: Portuguese Marranos and the Global Search for Belonging , 344 pp., notes, references, index. Oakland: University of California Press, 2017. $29

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Albert I. Baumgarten

of Purity and Danger . It begins with the note that Purity and Danger belonged to the “normal part of the 1950's Oxford programme in the anthropology of religion” and moves on to state that her goal was to propose a systematic explanation of ritual

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The Elsewhere beyond Religious Concerns

Annalisa Butticci and Amira Mittermaier

show, the Elsewhere can retune individual and collective emotions and turn anguish into hope, isolation into belonging, discrimination into emancipation, and suffering into healing. In some cases, it opens up a space of subversion, pushing back against

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Learning the Elsewhere of ‘Inner Space’

The Affective Pedagogy of Post-Secular Sufi Healing in Germany

Nasima Selim

were active in Berlin: the International Sufi Order (ISO) (renamed Inayati Order/Tariqat-i Inayatiyya in 2016), the International Sufi Movement (ISM), and Sufi Ruhaniat International (SRI). 4 All three networks belong to the Federation of the Sufi

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An Ethics of Response

Protestant Christians’ Relation with God and Elsewheres

Ingie Hovland

communities, such as how to describe Christians’ sense of ‘belonging’ in a group ( Dilger et al. 2018 ), or how to trace the unfolding intensities of a Pentecostal talk ( Bialecki 2015 ). 6 While ‘response’ has not played a prominent role in the anthropology

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From the Throes of Anguished Mourning

Shi‘i Ritual Lamentation and the Pious Publics of Lebanon

Fouad Gehad Marei

‘the start of a post-secular age’. A consequence of this is that religion assumed new importance as a marker of identity and a symbol of being ‘authentic’ and belonging to a ‘tradition’ (albeit an invented one) and not a mere embodiment of superstition

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Weapons for Witnessing

American Street Preaching and the Rhythms of War

Kyle Byron

in Rio de Janeiro, establishing dynamics of belonging and exclusion by marking the distinct daily and weekly rhythms of Pentecostals and non-Pentecostals. Oosterbaan argues that “particular urban sounds have a rhythm of their own, a way of repeating