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Bleu, Blanc…Green?

France and Climate Change

Éloi Laurent

The deadly heat wave of August 2003 convinced a majority of French of the dramatic impact of climate change. This article aims at presenting evidence and analysis about public perception, environmental performance, and policy development in France with regards to this major public apprehension. The French are indeed among the most concerned people in the world and the EU about climate change, and they seem more willing than others to act resolutely to mitigate it. Yet, if the performance of the French economy in terms of greenhouse gas emissions (GHS) is flattering, ambitious public policies will have to be implemented to achieve the "factor 4" objective set in 2005 (a four-fold reduction of GHG by 2050). This was precisely the main purpose of the "Grenelle environnement," which in 2007 tried to build into the law the national consensus on climate change and the sustainability of which is bound to be tested by acute economic difficulties.

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The French Carbon Tax

Autopsy of an Ambition

Éloi Laurent

The French carbon tax was to become in 2010 the centerpiece of the country's new climate change mitigation strategy. After a heated public debate, the Constitutional Council, France's higher constitutional law body, censored the executive's proposal, which in turn, in the aftermath of a severe electoral defeat, announced the indefinite postponement of the carbon tax. This article tries to make sense of this important sequence in French contemporary public life by reviewing its different facets: environmental economics, political economy, constitutional law, and finally politics.

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Paul Gyllenhammer

only through empirical evidence displaying climate change and wide-scale ecological disasters, but through the common-sense insight into the unsustainable goal of constant economic growth through commodity production and consumption. Even if what we are

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David Schweikart

really don’t know, indeed can’ t know, how this is all going to play out, particularly if, as seems likely, the global economy is entering a period of prolonged, systemic stagnation or worse, and, as is more than just “likely,” climate-change

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Michael Miller, Paul V. Dutton and Laura Hobson Faure

progressing to the realization that climate change is planetary as well as home grown. Furthermore, as individual states undertook protective initiatives, western environmental consciousness developed institutionally through periodic international conferences

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Two Failures of Left Internationalism

Political Mimesis at French University Counter-Summits, 2010–2011

Eli Thorkelson

Summit had initially been conceived by a number of Japanese university presidents in 2008, who seized on the regular G8 meeting that year to mount a large international conference on the role of universities in “global issues” such as climate change and

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Sophie Meunier

United Nations Climate Change conference, known as the COP21, in Paris in December 2015. The French presidency played a key role in hosting the conference and facilitating discussions, which ultimately resulted in the Paris Agreement, a global accord to