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The Death of Maternity?

Simone de Beauvoir's A Very Easy Death

Christie McDonald

Contrasting the view of motherhood in Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex with the description of her mother's illness and death in A Very Easy Death, this essay examines the revelation of feelings previously unexplored in the relationship to her mother. Faced with a life-shattering experience, Beauvoir revisits issues not only about motherhood and maternity from her philosophical and sociological study, but her own feelings about her mother and disturbing ways in which doctors and families withheld knowledge from the dying in the mid-twentieth century.

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Cheryl B. Welch The Demands of Liberty: Civil Society in France Since the Revolution by Pierre Rosanvallon

Sylvia Schafer Sexing the Citizen: Morality and Masculinity in France, 1870-1920 by Judith Surkis

Patricia Tilburg Blessed Motherhood, Bitter Fruit: Nelly Roussel and the Politics of Female Pain in Third Republic France by Elinor Accampo

Max Likin Between Justice and Politics: The Ligue des Droits de l’Homme, 1898-1945 by William D. Irvine

Sean M. Kennedy French Anti-Americanism (1930-1948): Critical Moments in a Complex History by Seth D. Armus

Clifford Rosenberg God’s Eugenicist: Alexis Carrel and the Sociobiology of Decline by Andrés Horacio Reggiani

Julie Fette Crises of Memory and the Second World War by Susan Rubin Suleiman

Chris Howell Changing France: The Politics that Markets Make by Pepper D. Culpepper, Peter A. Hall, and Bruno Palier

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Catrin Gibson

voluntary aspect of all motherhood which must be acknowledged and is the bedrock of its generosity. 37 The mother-child relationship is also generous in its bodily component. Throughout pregnancy, labour and childcare, mother and baby come into intimate

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The Office de la Famille Française

Familialism and the National Revolution in 1940s Morocco

Margaret Cook Andersen

promoting the virtues of motherhood and the male breadwinner model. Ultimately, French family policy in Morocco became a model that other French colonies and protectorates sought to emulate due to the extensive nature of the FFO’s family benefits and its

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Christopher E. Forth

-masculinist terms. Just as proponents of the Communist new woman advocated youth and downplayed motherhood, unorthodox feminists like Nelly Roussel promoted models of femininity that included “characteristics normally coded as masculine, including strength of

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Trying on the Veil

Sexual Autonomy and the End of the French Republic in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

Seth Armus

, and repeatedly, with relish, he describes the physical collapse of middle-aged women. 25 For well-known biographical reasons Houellebecq’s hatred of women—indeed his inability to see anything redeemable in family or motherhood—seems non-negotiable; it

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Féministes et républicaines

Parcours de femmes à l’origine du CNFF (1880–1901)

Yolande Cohen

’américaine, surnommée République maternelle ( Republican Motherhood ), ces préoccupations témoignent de son orientation féministe en raison de son attention à l’éducation des enfants, aux problèmes de dépopulation et de natalité 10 . Pourquoi la République française