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Singing with Dignity

Adding Social Quality to Organization Studies on Aging

Prabhir Vishnu Poruthiyil

SQ, I introduce the pedagogy of a music teacher in the Netherlands who aims for competitive but unthreatening expansion of capabilities for her adult students, who are mostly elderly. A description of these teaching principles is used to show how SQ

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David Schweikart

creativity, love, friendship, beauty, literature, art, music, etc., would be consciously experienced as a serious lack? We must admit, I think, that Marx’s vision of a “higher communism” is a worthy goal, the achievement of which appears to be within our

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“One Is Not Born a Dramatist”

The Genesis of Sartre’s Theatrical Career in Writings to, with, and by Beauvoir

Dennis A. Gilbert

commentary on the drama, to the accompaniment of some extremely pleasant seventeenth-century music … . As for the style of acting, it would have delighted Dullin’s heart, so sinewy and competent was it: the cast achieved a kind of truthfulness which had

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Challenging the Absurd?

Sartre’s Article on Kafka and the Fantastic

Jo Bogaerts

learn that he has found one locus of necessity, that of mathematical laws in music, which apparently makes life bearable to him. The being-for-itself described in Being and Nothingness equally longs to find such necessity, but Sartre shows this to be