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I’m Not Loud, I’m Outspoken

Narratives of Four Jamaican Girls’ Identity and Academic Success

Rowena Linton and Lorna McLean

belief that reality can be articulated through a collaborative process between the researcher and participant. Together with our participants, we co-created their narratives. Sampling Although the sample size in a narrative research design is frequently

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Naughtiest Girls, Go Girls, and Glitterbombs

Exploding Schoolgirl Fictions

Lucinda McKnight

Concepts, Inspiration, and Research Design By using the word heteroglossic in relation to metaphor, I refer to Mikhail Bakhtin’s (1981) guiding philosophical trope of heteroglossia, a continual life struggle between centrifugal forces spinning meaning

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“I Hope Nobody Feels Harassed”

Teacher Complicity in Gender Inequality in a Middle School

Susan McCullough

school. Methodology Ethnographic Case Study My research design took the form of an exploratory ethnographic case study. FDMS is a small urban public middle school with approximately one hundred students in each of three grades, six to eight. The

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Sharing Images, Spoiling Meanings?

Class, Gender, and Ethics in Visual Research with Girls

Janet Fink and Helen Lomax

research academy. An ethic of care ( Tronto 1993 ) was a key feature of our research design; built around the principles of caring for and about each other, this approach framed the relationships we established with the girls and reflected the moral

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Paula MacDowell

innovative and somewhat unconventional since all the coresearchers were involved in designing the camp infrastructure and curriculum. They also had genuine opportunities to contribute their ideas and perspectives to the development of the research design

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From Selfies to Sexting

Tween Girls, Intimacy, and Subjectivities

Antonio García-Gómez

. Tweening the Girl: The Crystallization of the Tween Market . New York : Peter Lung . 10.3726/978-1-4539-1244-7 Creswell , John W. 2009 . Research Design. Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches . London : Sage . Dake , Joseph

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Z. Hidayat and Debra Hidayat

. Creswell and Cheryl N. Poth, Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches (New York: Sage, 2016). 64 Vivian L. Vignoles, Claudia Manzi, Camillo Regalia, Simone Jemmolo, and Eugenia Scabini, “Identity Motives Underlying Desired

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Mike Neary and Joss Winn

McTaggart 2005: 563 ): planning, acting, reflecting, re-planning, acting and so on. These correspond to four cycles of: research design, data gathering, data analysis, communication, research design, and so on ( Stringer 2004 ). In this way, each action

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Erica Morales, Alex Blower, Samantha White, Angelica Puzio, and Matthew Zbaracki

and lessening the hierarchal gap between adult researcher and youth respondent. These methods may help inform the research design of other studies that examine youth perceptions and experiences, particularly that of adolescents. An additional

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The Inheritance of Activism

Does Social Capital Shape Women's Lives?

Supriya Baily, Gloria Wang, and Elisabeth Scotto-Lavino

’ involvement past the years of their youthful activism. Methodology We used a qualitative research design in our approach to this study since our question was exploratory and we wanted to explore and, following Norman Denzin and Yvinna Lincoln 2000