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Penny Enslin

Like other major developments in political philosophy, John Rawls’s Political Liberalism (PL) has raised important issues for philosophy of education. Rawls’s defence of liberalism as a political doctrine whose principles do not depend on any one comprehensive moral or philosophical doctrine for their justification, against comprehensive liberalism, which by contrast expresses a particular conception of the good life, engages with current controversies in schooling policy in liberal democracies like the United States and the United Kingdom, and potentially in South Africa.2 In such societies there are groups which oppose what is seen as the tendency of liberal education, with its emphasis on the development of qualities like autonomy and individuality, to show intolerance towards particular ethnic, cultural or religious groups and to threaten their continued existence. Their objections appear to require a political rather than a comprehensive liberal approach to schooling.

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The Economics of Decolonisation

Institutions, Education and Elite Formation

Nicola Viegi

education. The linkage between present education and the colonial education model can be seen also by simply regressing the level of schooling in modern times with indicators of colonial experience. In the table below we present two simple regression results

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Lauren Marx

mobilised in the short term. Sobukwe was a major driver of early childhood development and was one of the first of his contemporaries to begin thinking about pre-schooling and felt it should be subsidised in the same way. Sobukwe was also uncomfortable that

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Joan Vergés-Gifra

- fámulo children, but received the same schooling. If we see the school as one of the central factors in equality of opportunities, this system served to make opportunities equal. It is, however, hard to see it as a system that promoted fraternal

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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

knowledge of particulars that helps one understand and navigate a complex world filled with people in situ . That is why biography, history and fiction offer a better schooling for practical wisdom than abstract theory. Fiction provides what Paul Ricoeur