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Bernhard Forchtner and Christoffer Kølvraa

This article inquires into how contemporary populist radical right parties relate to environmental issues of countryside and climate protection, by analyzing relevant discourses of the British National Party (BNP) and the Danish People's Party (DPP). It does so by looking at party materials along three dimensions: the aesthetic, the symbolic, and the material. The article discusses to what extent the parties' political stances on environmental issues are conditioned by deeper structures of nationalist ideology and the understandings of nature embedded therein. It illustrates a fundamental difference between the way nationalist actors engage in, on the one hand, the protection of nature as national countryside and landscape, epitomizing the nation's beauty, harmony and purity over which the people are sovereign. On the other hand, they deny or cast doubt on environmental risks located at a transnational level, such as those that relate to climate. The article argues that this apparent inconsistency is rooted in the ideological tenets of nationalism as the transnational undermines the nationalist ideal of sovereignty.

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Decolonizing Development in Diné Bikeyah

Resource Extraction, Anti-Capitalism, and Relational Futures

Melanie K. Yazzie

growth, and resource extraction in the postwar Southwestern United States, the award-winning historian Andrew Needham (2014) argues that competing definitions of Navajo nationalism in this era used the language of colonialism and decolonization to

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John Sonnett

-based problems of water management: Egypt’s nationalism overrode concerns about possible impacts of the Aswan Dam, which now blocks vital silt from reaching the Lower Nile Valley; Saudi Arabia has unwisely invested its oil money into profligate use of water

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Eugene N. Anderson, Jodie Asselin, Jessica diCarlo, Ritwick Ghosh, Michelle Hak Hepburn, Allison Koch, and Lindsay Vogt

mere presence of Itaipú reverberate differently, not only at the levels of binationality and region but also within the particular nationalisms and social contracts of Brazil and Paraguay. The literature on the co-constitution of water and politics is

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The Role of Naturalness in Ecological Restoration

A Case Study from the Cook County Forest Preserves

Nicole M. Evans and William P. Stewart

natural selection for fitness for thousands of years. It is fitting and it belongs. To destroy it is to destroy the real America” ( J. Jensen 1927 ). Jensen quite explicitly linked naturalness, divine design, and nationalism to make the case for native

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Eric J. Cunningham

, and carried out using machinery from the United States. In this Makio was part of a larger trend of postwar “American liberal nationalism” in which dam building was embroiled in Cold War geopolitics and stood as a marker of democracy, progress, and

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Fighting Invasive Infrastructures

Indigenous Relations against Pipelines

Anne Spice

. Gaye Theresa Johnson and Alex Lubin , digital edition. London : Verso. Gledhill , John . 2008 . “ ‘The People’s Oil’: Nationalism, Globalization, and the Possibility of Another Country in Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela ”. Focaal—Journal of

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Ocean Thinking

The Work of Ocean Sciences, Scientists, and Technologies in Producing the Sea as Space

Susannah Crockford

the vortex of nationalism, extractivism, and imperialism spun by the expansion of colonial frontiers across the seas. The singular “discovery” of fifteenth-century ocean-bound adventurism was the feasibility of direct seagoing routes between continents

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Michael Sheridan

Boundaries have become hot topics in recent social science. Studies of nationalism, globalization, and migration require attention to spatially bounded social phenomena. Gender, race, and class studies focus on bounded categories and the work it

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Meshworks and the Making of Climate Places in the European Alps

A Framework for Ethnographic Research on the Perceptions of Climate Change

Sophie Elixhauser, Stefan Böschen, and Katrin Vogel

: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism . Rev . ed. London : Verso . Appadurai , Arjun . 1996 . “ Global Ethnoscapes: Notes and Queries for a Transnational Anthropology .” In Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization , ed