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Holly Thorpe

constrained, yet in each of these cases we also see youth creatively developing an array of strategies and initiatives to help improve their own and others’ health and well-being, for social and physical pleasure, and in some cases to challenge power relations

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Jacqueline Yeldon and Robert Pitter

example, Aiden stated, “What I did when I had mine—I started going for little jogs and working up to that expectation of doing a full practice.” Finally, another common mindset was that “coming back too early” posed a risk to the player’s well-being. The

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Helen A. Robbins and Leigh Kuwanwisiwma

are for the benefit of the Hopi and all living beings. Whether one is a participant or an observer, information is conveyed during initiation rites and public and private ceremonies through a form of apprenticeship, as well as during family meals

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Diversity and New Directions

The Editors

Future directions are often shaped by quirks of necessity or chance: the groundbreaking iconoclast that is Moebius’s Garage hermétique, with its rejection of conventional narrative or character coherence, came as a result of the author having forgotten previous scripts from one week to the next; Rodolphe Töpffer, so often credited for having invented the modern comic strip, initially saw himself as producing no more than scribblings for the entertainment of his pupils; one of the earliest of text/image forms, the emblem, may well be the result of Augsburg printer, Heinrich Steiner, adding images in 1531 to Andrea Alciato’s epigrams, a far cry from the composed intertwining of Francesco Colonna’s Hypnerotomachia Poliphili of 1499. Mirroring such processes in our own way, European Comic Art is embarking on a new direction, as we turn to issues that can reflect the diversity of comic art rather than being necessarily united by a single theme. It is a logical direction, but also one shaped by chance and necessity, that of the diversity of high-quality submissions that we have been delighted to receive.

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Dissenting Voices?

Controlling Children’s Comics under Franco

Rhiannon McGlade

prevent the appearance of Spain’s ‘other’ languages as well as of dialectal variations of these. 15 These challenging conditions were still more pressured since censors were personally responsible for the material that passed for publication, being

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Ann Miller and Kaveri Gopalakrishnan

residency: an Indo-German women comics workshop. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this: women comics makers I really admire and look up to are a part of the residency, as well as Indian comics makers I’ve been in touch with but never met. The

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Harriet Kennedy, Elizabeth (Biz) Nijdam, Logan Labrune and Chris Reyns-Chikuma

for a text that addresses not only these accounts of disaster but also the specificity of the form and its ability to address effectively these events being explored. Her initial chapter seeks to establish other examples of drawn responses to trauma

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‘Are We Coming to Make a Documentary or a Surrealist Film?’

Demythifying Luis Buñuel’s Tierra sin pan in Fermín Solís’s Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas

Marc Ripley

defect of which they [the Hurdanos] can be accused; and we might say with St. Thomas: “To be virtuous it is necessary to have a minimum of material well-being.” And in Las Hurdes even this minimum is lacking.’ 21 As stated previously, to assert that Solís

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Guillaume Lecomte

’Association. Here, the term ‘column’ has a double meaning, as the strip consisted of eight panels placed vertically on the edge of a page, as well as being a non-fiction piece of work published in a journalistic context. 7 Riad Sattouf, La Vie secrète des jeunes

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Social Criticism through Humour in the Digital Age

Multimodal Extension in the Works of Aleix Saló

Javier Muñoz-Basols and Marina Massaguer Comes

, Big Ben, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the trailer of the book Euronightmare , to well-known international characters like the Pope in ‘Ratzinger Z’ or Conchita Wurst in Euronightmare , the latter being the bearded female singer who won the