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The Rule of Difference

How Emergency Powers Prevent Palestinian Assimilation in Israel

Yoav Mehozay

This article argues that Israel's non-assimilationist policy toward Palestinians-what I term Israel's 'rule of difference'-is embedded in the state's security conception. Under the guise of protecting the state and its people, Israel has successfully achieved two essential prongs of this political objective. Dating from the 1948 War, the state has created a series of legal mechanisms that have enabled it to expropriate Palestinian land. Similarly, it has refused to allow Palestinian political associations that espouse nationalist views or challenge the Jewish character of the state to organize or run candidates, even if their programs are clearly non-violent. Ultimately, the state has effectively blocked Palestinians' ability to participate in shaping policy. Ensuring security has thus aided the state in preventing the assimilation of this group into society.

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Liberal Whispers and Propaganda Fears

The American Jewish Committee and Israel’s Palestinian Minority, 1948–1966

Geoffrey P. Levin

1963, AJC FAD-1 347.7.1, Box 34, YIVO. 45 “In Vigilant Brotherhood: The American Jewish Committee’s Relationship to Palestine and Israel,” 1964, AJCAO. 46 Yagupsky appears not to have condemned Israel’s suppression of the Arab political movement al-Ard

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Paula Kabalo

were not enamored with the initiative and saw in it the potential of creating “a tool in the hands of the Communist Party or the Al-Ard movement [a pan-Arab movement that the establishment suspected of irredentist goals].” They admitted, however, that

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Appropriations and Contestations of the Islamic Nomenclature in Muslim North India

Elitism, Lexicography, and the Meaning of The Political

Jan-Peter Hartung

in particular. 90 A Quranic verse commonly referred to in this regard is 6 (al-Anʿām):165: “It is He who had made you deputies of the earth [ khalāʾif al-arḍ ]: He had raised some above others by ranks [ darājāt ], so that He may test you in what He