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Pan-African Linguistic and Cultural Unity

A Basis For pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance

Simphiwe Sesanti

political ideology advancing African unity for African liberation, is the destruction of cultural imperialism and replacement with cultural reclamation, otherwise known as the African renaissance. Pan-Africanist scholars such as Senegal’s Cheikh Anta Diop

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Thabo Mbeki’s ‘AIDS Denialism’

Contradicting pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance?

Simphiwe Sesanti

In his nine years as South Africa’s president, Thabo Mbeki was known as a leading pan-Africanist and an advocate of the African Renaissance. Pan-Africanism is an ideology aimed at uniting Africans into a strong force for total liberation. The African Renaissance is a project aimed at restoring Africans’ self-esteem damaged by colonialism and slavery. During and after his presidency Mbeki was criticised by the local and international media for putting at risk hundreds of thousands of South African lives by questioning the link between HIV and AIDS, and blocking drugs that could have saved many lives. If true, this would suggest that there is a contradiction between Mbeki’s pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance, which are supposed to be life-affirming on one hand, and exposing Africans to the perils of a fatal disease, on the other. This article examines Mbeki’s opponents’ arguments, and Mbeki’s stance in the context of pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance.

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Lawrence Ogbo Ugwuanyi

fourth International Conference of the African Renaissance held in Pretoria in 2014, provides a map of the cardinal agenda of the union. Koussani gave a compact assessment of efforts at the African Union by itemising the four pillars of the union. These

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Pascah Mungwini

-Africanism on the knowledge front in order to correct these historical injustices and democratise intellectual production on the continent. Pan-Africanism as Memory In his work Something Torn and New: An African Renaissance , Ngugi wa Thiong’o (2009

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Traces of Pan Africanism and African Nationalism in Africa Today

Denis Goldberg

Southern Africa plays a similar role. The New Economic Policy for African Development, largely driven by President Mbeki, was an integral part of his vision of an African Renaissance. Among the elements of this concept was the establishment of an African

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Valery B. Ferim

– 198 . Muchie , M. , P. Lukhele-Olorunju and O. Okpor (eds). 2013 . The African Union Ten Years After: Solving African Problems with Pan-Africanisms and the African Renaissance . South Africa : Africa Institute of South Africa . Nazarea

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Erasing the Nation

The Historiography of African Nationalism in Conqueror South Africa

Terblanche Delport

. Skupien. 2019 . Paulin Hountondji: African Philosophy as Critical Universalism . Switzerland : Palgrave Pivot . 10.1007/978-3-030-01995-2 Dunton , C. 2003 . ‘ Pixley kaIsaka Seme and the African Renaissance Debate ’, African Affairs 102 : 555

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Joel Modiri

. N. 1960 . ‘ Congress and the Africanists: The Africanist Case ’, Africa South 4 . Ramose , M. B. 2000 . ‘ “African Renaissance”: A Northbound Gaze ’, Politeia 19 ( 3 ): 47 – 61 . Mogobe Ramose , M. B . 2001 . ‘ An African