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“Algeria for the Algerians”

Public Education and Settler Identity in the Early Third Republic

Kyle Francis

On 10 May 1881, Ferdinand-Philippe Belin, France’s superintendent of public education in Algeria, wrote to the minister of public instruction and future prime minister of the Third Republic, Jules Ferry, to express his anxiety over an issue that

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Sartre and Camus

In/Justice and Freedom in the Algerian Context

Ouarda Larbi Youcef

. As such, Camus, the son of Dréan, a tiny village near Annaba (eastern Algeria; renamed Mondovi by the French), felt he was in a better position than Sartre, who was not born in Algeria, to tell the story of the Arabs, their hopes, and their

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The Role of French Algeria in American Incorporation of the Philippines and Puerto Rico

Tim Roberts

“national.” Coudert drew on international law for his argument, principally the example of laws of nationality in French Algeria. This aspect of his argument, and the extent to which it shaped the Court's somewhat ambiguous opinion about González, were

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The Color of French Wine

Southern Wine Producers Respond to Competition from the Algerian Wine Industry in the Early Third Republic

Elizabeth Heath

taking on enormous loans. Those who could not afford to replant left the countryside, sometimes moving across the Mediterranean to Algeria, where land was cheap, labor plentiful, and the vines still “French.” 2 In the course of replanting, some producers

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Camus et la « littérature algérienne »

Une notion stratégique dans l’espace littéraire francophone

Tristan Leperlier

Peter Dunwoodie, Writing French Algeria (Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1998) et Jean-Robert Henry, « Le centenaire de l’Algérie, triomphe éphémère de la pensée algérianiste », in Histoire de l’Algérie à la période coloniale (1830–1962) ed. Bouchène

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Selective Empathy

Workers, Colonial Subjects, and the Affective Politics of French Romantic Socialism

Naomi J. Andrews

labor, and the violent takeover of Algeria. The July Monarchy was marked by repeated, violent episodes of conflict between the state and its subjects, both within the hexagon and in its empire. Throughout the 1830s, and especially after 1840, France

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The Rue d'Isly, Algiers, 26 March 1962

The Contested Memorialization of a Massacre

Fiona Barclay

On Monday 26 March 1962, almost a week after the Evian Accords had put an official end to the Algerian War of Independence, soldiers of the French army opened fire on unarmed civilians from the European population who were demonstrating on the rue

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“My Visa Application Was Denied, I Decided to Go Anyway”

Interpreting, Experiencing, and Contesting Visa Policies and the (Im)mobility Regime in Algeria

Farida Souiah

Introduction In January 2018, as I was waiting in line with visa applicants in front of TLS Contact, a private company in charge of collecting visa applications for the French Consulate in Oran, Algeria, I met Karim and Samir. The two college

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Think Global, Fight Local

Recontextualizing the French Army in Algeria, 1954–1962

Terrence G. Peterson

, located just outside Paris, to brief France's allies on the developing conflict over Algerian independence. His tone was dire. For the last twelve years, he began, “the Communist bloc has won an almost continuous series of successes against the Free World

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Baya Hocine's Papers

A Source for the History of Algerian Prisons during the War of Independence (1954–1962)

Sylvie Thénault

writing a history is a challenge. My aim here is not to provide any form of outline of the history of Algerian prisons during the War of Independence (1954–1962). It is a more modest ambition, one that fits within the confines of an article: to integrate