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Seumas Bates


By conceptualizing the recovery from Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill as forming part of ongoing processes of “becoming” and the everyday, this article explores how the relative power of a historically privileged group of White males in rural Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, faced significant challenge. First, through the breakdown of informal racial segregation in local social institutions, and through the newly ubiquitous nature of mobile homes threatening their rejection of “trailer trash” culture. Second, however, this impact must be understood within ongoing changes across wider American society, where a locally valorized ideal of normative 1950s culture was seen to be in conflict with the civil rights and feminist movements of the late twentieth century. This imagined cultural hegemony was therefore in serious decline long before these catastrophes, yet has now been confined to the time “before the Storm.”

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Apartheid of Thought

The Power Dynamics of Knowledge Production in Political Thought

Camilla Boisen and Matthew C. Murray

Western Political Philosophy ’, New Political Science 37 ( 1 ): 1 – 24 . 10.1080/07393148.2014.995491 Morefield , J. 2014 . Empires without Imperialism: Anglo-American Decline and the Politics of Deflection . Oxford : Oxford University Press . 10

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Germany and the United States

Whither “Partners in Leadership”?

Matthew Rhodes

sui generis ” whose least conventional sentiments were “unlikely [to] become his country’s policy.” 32 Second are issues of leadership capacity. Parallel to recurrent debate over American decline, questions have been raised regarding Germany

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Christiane Lemke

's greatness vis-à-vis America's decline. 2 In Germany, memory politics and the redefinition of historical experience plays a major role in this process. Since the end of World War II, Europe and the United States have developed very close relations in the