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Food Knowledge and Migrant Families in Argentina

Collective Identity in Health

Mora Castro and Giorgina Fabron

This article presents an analysis of food practices of family groups that migrated from a rural territory in the uplands to an urban area in the lowlands of Argentina, with an emphasis on the change in how the groups obtained and consume food and

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Linda Gruen

Gender itself is a complex and constantly evolving situation that cannot be divorced from its political and cultural setting. –Judith Butler, Gender Trouble Argentine visitor Eduarda Mansilla de García commented on the idea of

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Katja Seidel

This article discusses the meaning of justice in the context of cosmopolitan law and human rights movements in Argentina. Specifically, it addresses the practice of , an alternative path to justice introduced by the organisation HIJOS, and the current trials against the ‘perpetrators’ of the last military regime. In doing so, the article traces the connection between an emergent consciousness of genocide as a historical ‘truth’ and the innovative localisation of cosmopolitan law in order to meet this ‘truth’ on a juridical level. As such it offers the idea of social and legal practices to be analysed not just as local articulations of justice, but as legal theory productions with potential lessons for elsewhere.

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Susann Baez Ullberg

this city suffered. The economic and social development of the city after the return of democracy in 1983 had stalled, and the 2001 financial crisis in Argentina hit Santa Fe hard. The structural adjustments made to the Argentinian economy in the 1990s

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Fresh off the Boat and Off to the Presses

The Origins of Argentine Comics between the United States and Europe (1907–1945)

Amadeo Gandolfo and Pablo Turnes

Why study Argentine comics as part of a transnational network? The canonical histories of Argentine comics tend to emphasise what is unique about them and how an Argentine tradition slowly emerged over time. 1 While these studies acknowledge the

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Los Roldán and the Inclusion of Travesti Narratives

Representations of Gender-Nonconforming Identities in Argentinian Telenovelas

Martín Ponti

Thus, the current media discourse counterpoints fame and exclusion as two dichotomous aspects of travesti representation. This article focuses on travesti stars 4 who participate actively within mainstream media in Argentina. Specifically, it

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Girls’ Work in a Rural Intercultural Setting

Formative Experiences and Identity in Peasant Childhood

Ana Padawer

This article is based on ethnographic research I started in 2008 as part of a team studying formative experience and identity among different ethnic groups in Argentina ( Novaro 2011 ). I selected San Ignacio 1 for my fieldwork because this rural

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Fernando Antonio Ignacio González, Maria Emma Santos, and Silvia London

este contexto, Latinoamérica aparece como la región más desigual del mundo, junto a África subsahariana ( Alvaredo & Gasparini, 2013 ). En particular, Argentina es un país con profundas disparidades territoriales. Las provincias del norte argentino

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Unbecoming Veteranship

Convicted Military Officers in Post-authoritarian Argentina

Eva van Roekel and Valentina Salvi

-authoritarian Argentina, the citizenship of a group of convicted officers also persists as a field of profound disagreements. The ongoing conflict over rights, responsibilities, and entitlements for the veterans in Argentina not only relates to the current shift toward

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Melina Piglia

Commercial aviation has played a significant economic, political, and symbolic role in Latin America–not only propelling economic development, but also helping to the processes of territorial integration and sovereign state construction. Despite the important role that commercial aviation has played in countries like Argentina, it has not received much attention from academic historians. This essay reviews the few works done on Latin American and Argentine aviation history but mainly proposes a research agenda, based on the Argentine case, for the study of the history of Latin American aeromobility from a social, cultural, technological, economic and political perspective.