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“Space without People”

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Siegfried Mattl

caption was meant to strike the reader with amazement: “Our reporter Dr. Colin Roß with his wife and children (who accompanied him on his tour through Africa) has embarked for Australia, to the primitive peoples of the South Sea Islands. Photographs and

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Ambivalent Mobilities in the Pacific

“Savagery” and “Civilization” in the Australian Interwar Imaginary

Nicholas Halter

Following World War I, the Pacific Islands became increasingly accessible to the average Australian with improvements in transportation and the growth of trade and business, Christian outreach, and colonial administration in the region. Economic

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Hannah Swee

In Far North Queensland (FNQ), a region in the northeast of Australia, cyclones occur annually as a season of weather. As a result of this frequency of cyclonic activity, the majority of the people who inhabit this region have experienced a cyclone

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Becoming “Pacific-Minded”

Australian Middlebrow Writers in the 1940s and the Mobility of Texts

Anna Johnston

doing so, it sought to shape consumer tastes for mass reading of books in the postwar period and reflected new mobile forms of globalized print culture. 3 Among the ASE titles was Australian Frontier by the Australian writer Ernestine Hill. 4 This

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Stepping through the Silver Screen

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Anne Rees

In the opening pages of her American travel memoir, Facts Soft and Hard (1964), novelist Joan Lindsay admitted she had been raised in “almost total ignorance of the United States.” Her family circle included some of Australia’s most eminent

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Worldly Tastes

Mobility and the Geographical Imaginaries of Interwar Australian Magazines

Victoria Kuttainen and Susann Liebich

By the mid-1930s, Australians were enamored with travel and mobility, and took part in a bourgeoning culture of tourism and organized travel. 1 While the development of rail networks and the democratization of car travel stimulated new forms of

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My Words, My Literacy

Tracking of and Teaching through the On-Field Language Practices of Australian Indigenous Boys

David Caldwell, Nayia Cominos, and Katie Gloede

Achieving parity in literacy for Indigenous Australians is an ongoing, complex issue, illustrated by the many initiatives, policies, and action plans intended to “close the gap” between the literacy levels of Aboriginal students and non

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When Transit States Pursue Their Own Agenda

Malaysian and Indonesian Responses to Australia's Migration and Border Policies

Antje Missbach and Gerhard Hoffstaedter

transit states, but may face open refusal and more subtle forms of noncompliance. This article demonstrates in particular that Australia's outsourced policies to prevent asylum seekers’ irregular departure from Malaysia and Indonesia did not meet the

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Freeing the ‘Aboriginal Individual’

Deconstructing ‘Development as Freedom’ in Remote Indigenous Australia

Hannah Bulloch and William Fogarty

fact, identical has become widely popular. Penetrating the Australian domestic development scene, whereby state and non-state actors alike seek to transform the lives of the country’s Indigenous peoples, the idea of freedom has become entangled with a

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The Spectacular Traveling Woman

Australian and Canadian Visions of Women, Modernity, and Mobility between the Wars

Sarah Galletly

crosscultural networks over those of its Pacific counterpart. 1 In the early twentieth century the Pacific opened up to mass liner traffic and served as a space connecting the Anglophone nations of Australia and Canada, yet Pacific narratives remain a curious