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Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah

When you are a public figure, you have to be very careful about what you say – someone might just be listening. Jenny Tonge, a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, is just the latest in a long series of gaffers extraordinaire, with her outrageous remarks in support of suicide bombers. But unlike most of those whose problematic statements have hit the headlines in recent years, she stands by what she said.

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Raphael Cohen-Almagor

This article examines the tension between liberalism and Orthodoxy in Israel as it relates to censorship. The first section aims to explain Israel's vulnerability as a multicultural democracy in a hostile region, with significant schisms that divide the nation. The next section presents the dilemma: should Israel employ legal mechanisms to counter hate speech and racism? The third section details the legal framework, while the fourth reviews recent cases in which political radicals were prosecuted for incitement to racism. The final section discusses cases in which football supporters were charged with incitement after chanting “Death to Arabs“ during matches. I argue that the state should consider the costs and risks of allowing hate speech and balance these against the costs and risks to democracy and free speech that are associated with censorship.

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The Long Homecoming

Ghanaian Migrant Business and Power in Veneto, Italy

Hans Lucht

transported to some abandoned barracks for safety ( Ansa 2015 ). As many researchers have noted, current expressions of Italian bigotry and racism directed against foreigners have historical roots, both recent and more remote. Some researchers highlight

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Har Ye Kan

In 1870, a report by a local commissioner in Zhenjiang, a city by the Yangzi River in Jiangsu Province, noted that “the Chinese are learning to appreciate traveling by foreign steamers. Not a few of the passengers who arrive and depart hence are officials, who have so far overcome their bigotry to acknowledge that steamer traveling is eminently satisfactory.” As foreign powers had used steamers in their economic expansion in China during the First Opium War (1839–42), the Chinese had at first associated this mode of transport with imperialism and Western dominance before they became an integral part of passenger and commercial conveyance.

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Migration – A New Normal

A Muslim Perspective

Amira Abdin

facilitate the enlisting of knowledgeable moderate religious leaders to educate and propagate the moderate real tenets of Islam, away from extremism, bigotry and terrorism. The governments should ban ignorant preachers who come from local villages and hard

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Thomas Luk

beliefs and sensitivities. These different re-conceptions can caution the teaching and reading of Merchant against casually generating racial bigotry on the one hand, and taking ethnocentrism for granted on the other. Such adaptation practices have

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Some Senses of Pan-Africanism from the South

Christopher Allsobrook

argues that one cannot presume shared values and African solidarity in such a gigantic land of complex ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. He warns against simplistic bigotry in calls for race-based Pan-African unity, which exacerbate

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Sheila K. Hoffman, Conal McCarthy, and Billie Lythberg

foreign values, while in response others suggested that reticence to change was tantamount to bigotry. The words and emotions were powerful reminders of the passion of museum practitioners and the important role of museums, but moreover the extraordinary

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Melissa Raphael, Dorothea Magonet, and Frank Dabba Smith

bigotry and hatred are not the most urgent problem. The most urgent, the most disgraceful, the most shameful and the most tragic problem is silence.’ 2 Arguably, even today the highly educated, cosmopolitan and principled Prinz and the vacuous, parochial

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Ephraim Yuchtman-Yaar, Yasmin Alkalay, and Tom Aival

joined the Likud-led coalition. 6 According to Persico (2015) , the radicalization of the NRP was also associated with the championing of ethno-nationalism, anti-liberalism, and anti-Arab bigotry. More recently, Persico (2017: 115) argued that, from the