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The Cultural Divide

Book Reading as a Signifier of Boundaries among Co-Cultures in Israeli Society

Hanna Adoni and Hillel Nossek

This article investigates the function of book reading in a society consisting of a multiplicity of ethno-cultural communities, asking whether book reading functions as a unifying factor within each ethno-cultural community or as a dividing factor and as a signifier of boundaries between them. It is based on multiyear survey data among representative samples of Israeli urban adults (1970, 1990, 2001-2002, 2007, and 2011), focus groups, and analysis of bestseller lists (2001, 2002). The article demonstrates that book reading functions as a signifier of boundaries within Israeli society, namely between ethno-cultural co-cultures of veteran Jewish Israelis, Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union, and Israeli Arabs. This supports Morley and Robins's claim that cultural consumption may be a divisive factor between the co-cultures within nation-states.

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The bystander and the passerby

Reflections on ethnographic writing and response-ability

Nicholas Smith and George Mantzios

the sort of quotidian affects that occasion pause in this book. Reading across, in addition to through, engenders a condition of multiplicity legitimated by the four distinct indexes that conclude the book. The final four pages are also left blank for

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Andrei Bazarov

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

Collecting and preserving “true books” became the two goals that shaped the phenomenon of Buddhist book-reading in Inner Asia. Most of the canon is not used or read, but only preserved. However, these actions of protecting and preserving have received sacred

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Building the Femorabilia Special Collection

Methodologies and Practicalities

Nickianne Moody

adult disapproval of the form along with that of the wider society, but others rejected comic book reading entirely. The women who were interviewed who expressed dislike of these comics saw them as “a restrictive model of middle-class girlhood, not as

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Radical Reactionary

The Politics of William Le Queux

Harry Wood

Believing that Le Queux possessed ‘an unfailing instinct for a good market’, I. F. Clarke has highlighted The Unknown Tomorrow as ‘an indication of the unpopularity of Socialism with the book-reading public of the time’. 75 While this statement may be

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Thomas Klikauer, Norman Simms, Helge F. Jani, Bob Beatty, and Nicholas Lokker

Spengler's book is widely taken as one of the key texts to understanding Nazism, even though the Nazis were anything but book-reading intellectuals. Nevertheless, the rise of neo-Nazis and Nazi racialist thought has come about, we are told, in “the land of

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Neglected Tropical Diseases

Creating a New Disease Grouping

Samantha Vanderslott

not until he began to focus on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation full-time in 2008 that he became acquainted with NTDs, after going through an 82-book reading list to learn about international public health ( J. Smith 2015 ). His favorite read was a