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Pain and the Cinesthetic Subject in Black Swan

Steen Ledet Christiansen

Skin tearing off a finger, knees buckling unnaturally, a nail file plunging through a cheek; Black Swan ( Darren Aronofsky, 2010 ) contains many scenes of extreme pain, a pain not solely felt by the body on screen but also manifested in the

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“Undoing” Gender

Nexus of Complicity and Acts of Subversion in The Piano Teacher and Black Swan

Neha Arora and Stephan Resch

Michael Haneke’s The Piano Teacher (2001) and Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan (2010) are films about women directed by men. Both films unorthodoxly chart women artists’ struggle with the discipline imposed on them by the arts and by their live-in mothers. By portraying mothers as their daughters’ oppressors, both films disturb the naïve “women = victims and men = perpetrators” binary. Simultaneously, they deploy audiovisual violence to exhibit the violence of society’s gender and sexuality policy norms and use gender-coded romance narratives to subvert the same gender codes from within this gender discourse. Using Judith Butler’s and Michael Foucault’s theories, we argue that Haneke and Aronofsky “do” feminism unconventionally by exposing the nexus of women’s complicity with omnipresent societal power structures that safeguard gender norms. These films showcase women concurrently as victim-products and complicit partisans of socially constructed gender ideology to emphasize that this ideology can be destabilized only when women “do” their gender and sexuality differently through acts of subversion.

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Screened Women

Brian Bergen-Aurand

/animal body transformation in Black Swan ( Darren Aronofsky, 2010 ). As transformation, pain, and becoming are linked in the film, so are the embodied responses of filmgoers linked to the effects of those screened transitions through a new encounter with

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Road to the Periphery

An Account of Border-Making through Infrastructure

Sherin Ajin

and flows of their lives with me. References Ahuja , R. ( 2009 ), Pathways of Empire: Circulation, Public Works and Social Space in Colonial Orissa, c. 1780–1914 ( New Delhi : Orient Black Swan ). Anand , N. ( 2017 ), Hydraulic City

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Gauging the Propagandist's Talents

William Le Queux's Dubious Place in Literary History: Part One

A. Michael Matin

fundamentally irrational yet intelligible and semi-predictable ways. Under the sway of what Nassim Nicholas Taleb has termed the ‘narrative fallacy’, in The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable , we tend to interpret coherently interconnected bits of

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Confinement Beyond Site: Connecting Urban and Prison Ethnographies

Julienne Weegels, Andrew M. Jefferson, and Tomas Max Martin

, M. 2010 . Everyday Life in a Prison: Confinement, Surveillance, Resistance . New Delhi : Orient Black Swan . Biondi , K. 2016 . Sharing this Walk: An Ethnography of Prison Life and the PCC in Brazil . Chapel Hill : University of North

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Becoming a Super-Masculine “Cool Guy”

Reflexivity, Dominant and Hegemonic Masculinities, and Sexual Violence

James W. Messerschmidt

: Black Swan Press . Martin , Patricia Yancey . 1998 . “ Why Can't a Man Be More Like a Woman? Reflections on Connell's Masculinities .” Gender and Society 12 ( 4 ): 472 – 474 . Messerschmidt , James W. 2000 . Nine Lives: Adolescent

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Whose Reality Counts?

Emergent Dalitbahujan Anthropologists

Reddi Sekhara Yalamala

Black Swan ). Pathy , J. ( 1989 ), ‘ “Tribal” Research in India: Idealism and Apologia ’, in International Perspectives on Marxist Anthropology , (ed.) C. Fluehr-Lobban ( Minneapolis : MEP Publications ), 72 – 84 . Prakash , D. S. R. S

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Imperialism and Nationhood in Children’s Books in Colonial Bengal

Gargi Gangopadhyay

, The Winding Lane (Kolkata: Ananda Publishers, 2010), 153. 53 Rimi Chatterjee and Nilanjana Gupta, eds., Reading Children: Essays on Children’s Literature (New Delhi: Orient Black Swan, 2009), 15. 54 Sarala Devi took singing and piano lessons as a

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The Paris Opera Ballet Dancing Offstage

Work, Grace, and Race

Tessa Ashlin Nunn

as Ladislas Chollat's 2019 Let's Dance and Darren Aronofsky's 2011 thriller Black Swan , bolster stereotypes about (White) ballerinas as perfectionists and at times psychopaths. Media representations of the POB—born out of Louis XIV's Académie