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Haunting the Borderlands

Graphic Novel Representations of the German Expulsion

Martha Kuhlman

As part of the Potsdam Agreement following World War II, 2.8 million Germans were expelled from Czechoslovakia. Disturbing details of mass executions and forced marches of Germans have become the topic of public debate in the Czech Republic. In recent years, representations of this traumatic episode in Czech history have filtered into popular culture as well. This article considers how the graphic novels Alois Nebel and Bomber, whose authors were inspired by Art Spiegelman's Maus, address the controversial issue of the German expulsion.

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Bilal Tawfiq Hamamra

, indicating a willingness to sacrifice oneself; but not to inflict suffering upon others. On this understanding, while suicide bombers are terrorists, many Palestinians deem the female act of suicide bombing acts of martyrdom. On the other hand - as a matter

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Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah

When you are a public figure, you have to be very careful about what you say – someone might just be listening. Jenny Tonge, a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, is just the latest in a long series of gaffers extraordinaire, with her outrageous remarks in support of suicide bombers. But unlike most of those whose problematic statements have hit the headlines in recent years, she stands by what she said.

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Judith Rosen-Berry

During the summer of 2006 I was in the West Bank. Israel was at war in Lebanon and making incursions into Gaza, and, whilst in Bethlehem and East Jerusalem, I was told that several Palestinians had been arrested as suspected suicide bombers. I travelled to Ramallah, stopping between checkpoints; I walked beside and in the shadow of the security wall, looked out from one hill that is Israel towards another that is Palestine and thought of this poem.

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Jonathan Magonet

At the time of writing this editorial Londoners are still coming to terms with the terrorist bomb attacks in July. Jewish communities have been put on special alert as potential targets. A backlash against the Muslim community has been one inevitable result and Jewish voices have been strong in condemning such a response. The long term commitment to interfaith dialogue, often expressed in the pages of this journal, is one of the essential elements in challenging ideologies that foster the murderous violence of the bombers, and the crude brutalities of those who target Muslims in response.

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Cross-Cultural Articulations of War Magic and Warrior Religion

D. S. Farrer

Previous anthropology emphasized symbolic incantations at the expense of the embodied practice of magic. Foregrounding embodiment and performance in war magic and warrior religion collapses the mind-body dualism of magic versus rationality, instead highlighting social action, innovation, and the revitalization of tradition, as tempered historically by colonial and post-colonial trajectories in societies undergoing rapid social transformation. Religion and magic are re-evaluated from the perspective of the practitioner's and the victim's embodiment in their experiential life-worlds via articles discussing Chinese exorcists, Javanese spirit siblings, Sumatran black magic, Tamil Tiger suicide bombers, Chamorro spiritual re-enchantment, tantric Buddhist war magic, and Yanomami dark shamans. Central themes include violence and healing, accomplished through ritual and performance, to unleash and/or control the power of gods, demons, ghosts and the dead.

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International Cooperation, Transnational Circulation

Escape, Evasion, and Resistance in France, 1940–1945

Valerie Deacon

lecture generally unhelpful to him. 29 There must have been sufficient complaining along these lines, as this problematic element of lectures was brought up in an official meeting held between MI9 and Bomber, Fighter, and Coastal Commands in August 1941

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Invisible and Visible Shi'a

Ashura, State and Society in Kuwait

Thomas Fibiger

. However, two years after my field research, on 26 June 2015, a suicide bomber attacked the main Shi'a mosque in the old town of Kuwait, killing 27 people and injuring more than two hundred. This was the worst sectarian attack ever in Kuwait. The suicide

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Michael J. Neufeld

raised few uncomfortable questions. Of those three galleries, only World War II dealt with the subject of bombing, albeit passingly, discussing the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in 1942 and showing the nose of a B-26 medium bomber and the bombsight from the

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Working with the Cold War

Types of Knowledge in Swedish and Australian History Textbook Activities

Niklas Ammert and Heather Sharp

Tomlinson, “Marauding Russian Bombers Force Plane Carrying Hundreds of Passengers to Divert after Unauthorised Flight through Irish Air Space,” Daily Mail , 4 March 2015, accessed 14 April 2015,