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Germany and Russia Since Reunification

Continuity, Change, and the Role of Leaders

Randall Newnham

events of course played a huge role, personal relations were important as well—from the “sauna friendship” of Kohl and Boris Yeltsin to the “Frostpolitik” now seen between Merkel and Putin. 23 1990–1998: Ending the Cold War The last eight years of

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Remembering the Second World War in Post-Soviet Educational Media

Barbara Christophe

government of Boris Yeltsin that expanded the Russian mnemonic calendar and introduced the Day of Mourning on 22 June, the day Germany invaded the USSR in 1941. Finally, the articles in this special issue also intervene in a lively academic debate on the

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Iver B. Neumann

broader story of the change in Russian identity as it has been brought on by the return of xenophobic nationalism. “Return to Civilization” From the attempted August 1991 coup against Gorbachev and until President Boris Yeltsin stormed the State Duma in

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Play of Mirrors

An Encounter of Personal Biographies with Europe’s Journey

Marcos Farias Ferreira

presidency of the Russian SFSR – that followed a referendum on an elected President. Boris Yeltsin would run as an independent and would win with 58.6 per cent of the vote. In his letter, Georgy concludes by stressing that ‘After all, I think we will have a

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Natalya Khokholova

, was able to protect the territorial integrity of Yakutia with Boris Yeltsin's approval, his successors followed a different path, losing their constitutional independence and renouncing their regional power to handle the disbursement of natural

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The Timeline of a Concept

Juan Francisco Fuentes

” of that decade was recognizable in the new forms of leadership, embodied by Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin in the United States and Russia. They represented the triumph of pragmatism versus ideology and of populism versus elites and political parties

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Larisa Deriglazova

economic situation and connected social problems as well as a new military campaign in Chechnya all contributed to inconsistency and a weakening of Boris Yeltsin and his presidency. The year 2000 opened up a new period in EU–Russian relations when President

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Underground waterlines

Explaining political quiescence of Ukrainian labor unions

Denys Gorbach

by the liberal elite faction centered on President Boris Yeltsin. The Russian successor union body had bet on the wrong horse and was politically sidelined in the following years ( Mandel 2004 ). It was eventually integrated in the new power bloc

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Nicholas Parlato, Gail Fondahl, Viktoriya Filippova, and Antonina Savvinova

played in both local (Indigenous) struggles to protect ancestral lands and in regional struggles against the centralization of federal power. What Is a TTP? Legal Definition A 1992 edict (No. 397) from President Boris Yeltsin called for the

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Pomors, Pomor’e, and the Russian North

A Symbolic Space in Cultural and Political Context

Yuri P. Shabaev, Igor Zherebtsov, Kim Hye Jin, and Kim Hyun Taek

creating the Ural, Vologda, Siberian, and Pomor Republics. Moreover, the Ural Republic was indeed proclaimed (based on the results of a local referendum) and existed for several months before being dissolved by a special decree of President Boris Yeltsin