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Jos Spits, Barrie Needham, Toine Smits, and Twan Brinkhof

Many historical cities are built alongside rivers. Floodplains were attractive sites for urban expansion. However, the flood events since the 1990's have shown that many urban settlements are under flood risk. This research investigates how flood management and land use planning policies have changed after high water and (near)floods in the Netherlands, Germany, and France. In particular, it investigates how changing policies affect the development of urban riverfronts. Policy documents have been analyzed from all three countries and case studies illustrate the impact of changing policies on concrete developments.

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Anna Scolobig, Luigi Pellizzoni, and Chiara Bianchizza

participation in the context of decisions concerning flood risk mitigation. It draws on two case studies: the Italian municipalities of Vipiteno-Sterzing (region of Trentino Alto Adige, northern Italy) and Malborghetto-Valbruna (region of Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Constanza Parra and Frank Moulaert

results of the case study of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. It examines the nature-culture interaction by use of the analytical framework and focuses on the meaning of nature-culture interaction for the governance dynamics of the case study area. San Pedro

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Philip Cowan

. London : Pavilion Books . Cowan , Philip . 2012a . “ Authorship and the Director of Photography: A Case Study of Gregg Toland and Citizen Kane .” Networking Knowledge 5 ( 1 ): 231 – 245 . Cowan , Philip . 2012b . “ Underexposed: The Neglected

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Hartwig Pautz

Germany's parliamentary democracy appears to be in crisis. The major parties' membership is in decline and barely existing in East Germany, election turnout is decreasing at all levels, and the reputation of politicians has never been worse. At the same time, however, Germans are more interested in politics than in the 1990s, overwhelmingly support democracy, and are keen on participating particularly in local political decision making. Out of this situation emerged— a website that aims to re-establish the link between electors and elected by allowing voters and representatives to communicate via a publicly accessible question-andanswer structure. This article addresses the questions of whether such an instrument can revitalize representative democracy and whether it has done so in the context of the 2009 federal elections.

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Eleni Tourlouki, Antonia-Leda Matalas, and Demosthenes Panagiotakos

The present work documents the core diet of a population in a Mediterranean island that has been minimally eroded by industrialization and tourism, and links present food-consumption patterns to the foods' historical roots and to the exploitation of natural resources available to the community. Demographic, behavioral, cultivation, and food-intake information were collected among inhabitants of the isolated northern villages of Karpathos. The core diet of the elderly village inhabitants was found to be based on wheat, barley, legumes, and olive oil. Inhabitants in the northern villages of Karpathos rely on local resources for most of their food. Absence of mechanized farming, the social role of women, and customs of inheritance are factors that have contributed to the preservation of traditional food-related practices.

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Performance, Power, Exclusion, and Expansion in Anthropological Accounts of Protests

Aet Annist

throwing a particularly clear light on the financial dimension of protesting. The Belarusian case study by Alena Minchenia offers an insight into the phenomenon of professional protesters caught in between promoting democracy and struggling against

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Girls with Disabilities in the Global South

Rethinking the Politics of Engagement

Xuan Thuy Nguyen

particular forms of knowledge that were rendered absent by the colonial forces. One way to challenge colonizing ways of representing difference is to search for alternative representations from the standpoint of those colonized. This case study shows that

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Rainer Reisenzein

illustrates the proposed brand of naturalized aesthetics in a series of case studies that focus on the role of emotions. With these investigations, he continues a trend within film studies that he has himself helped to develop ( Smith 1995 ) and that

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Mobility and Infrastructure in the Russian Arctic

Das Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein?

Nikolai Vakhtin

Karaseva, and Valeria Vasilyeva (all from EUSP) combine their data and give three case studies in a jointly authored text. Their case studies illustrate how different distinct parts of the Russian Arctic are and, at the same time, how one can compare them