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The pedagogy of controversy in the field of China Studies: Teaching the Cultural Revolution

Kevin Carrico

How can we as educators address complex and controversial topics in the social sciences without encouraging simplistic responses and self-reproducing binary oppositions? Drawing upon an ethnographic analysis of a first-year writing seminar on the history of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, this article proposes novel approaches to overcome instinctive reactions to contentious topics. Arguing that the experience of controversy produces self-reinforcing binary oppositions that become autopoetically abstracted from the actual topic of discussion, I build upon specific seminar experiences to propose two novel and practical concepts for the pedagogy of controversy: (1) deidentification, which refers to a process of disengagement from the binaries and thus identities that structure and reproduce controversy, and (2) humanisation, which refers to a process of moving beyond abstractions to reidentify with the fundamentally human experience of contentious historical moments. The pedagogy of controversy, I argue, must teach against our conventional identificatory responses to controversy to promote a more nuanced understanding of inherently complex issues.

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Editorial Introduction

The Cases of Germany and the United Kingdom

Harry G. J. Nijhuis and Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

not clearly and logically discussed in the conclusion section. From the perspective of these two studies on community resilience and civic activism, it is interesting to consider the Chinese study, in which “community participation,” in the realm of

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A Failed Attempt to Create an International Community of Communist Asian Studies in 1955

Huaiyu Chen

, literature, and history. Then I turn to contextualize the “modern turn” of China studies that appeared across the Eurasian continent. I hope this article will shed new light on Sino-European relations and the globalization of modern Asian studies as a rising

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Book Reviews

Rune Steenberg and Raphael Deberdt

the scholarly fields of Xinjiang and China Studies, anthropology, and even beyond academia. Byler provides a rare, close-up ethnographic description of Ürümchi in the 2010s from the perspective of rural Uyghur migrants arriving in the provincial

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China and Russia Policy in the 2021 Election and Beyond

Stephen F. Szabo

leading German think tank on China, the Mercator Institute for China Studies, as one that shifted from a values-oriented approach to a commercially driven one: For the last 16 years, it was Chancellor Merkel who shaped Germany's relations with China

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Mayfair Yang

Mayfair Yang, Peter van der Veer, François Gauthier, Prasenjit Duara, and Susan Brownell

of China, Mayfair has a holistic vision of China. Her knowledge of Chinese texts, classical and contemporary, is exemplary for an anthropologist. She is fully immersed in Chinese studies, whether it be the contemporary scene or the arcane field of

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Book Reviews

Nefissa Naguib, Pauline Peters, Nancy Ries, Murray Garde, Zhiying Ma, and Frédéric Keck

therapeutic governance. It is recommended for students and scholars who are interested in China studies, labor studies, or medical/ psychological anthropology. Zhiying Ma University of Michigan Ghassan Hage , Is Racism an Environmental Threat? (Cambridge

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Pushing the Boundaries

Curating LuYang, a Global Artist Embedded in Local Situatedness

Nora Gantert and Malte Lin-Kröger

2018: 206 ). This informed our decision to host a series of lectures during LuYang's exhibition at Kunstpalais, for which we have invited international experts from fields such as art history, Chinese studies, gender studies, and religious studies whose

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Book Reviews

Estella Carpi, Sandy F. Chang, Kristy A. Belton, Katja Swider, Naluwembe Binaisa, Magdalena Kubal-Czerwińska, and Jessie Blackbourn

connected. The latter, she argues, was instrumental to the project of Chinese modernity and nation building. Bridging the fields of global Chinese history, overseas Chinese studies, and Asian American studies, Chan reexamines the diaspora-homeland dynamic

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Zheng Nengliang and Pedagogies of Affect in Contemporary China

Gil Hizi

. Indianapolis : Hackett Publishing . Triggs , Francesca . 2019 . “ The Ideological Function of ‘Positive Energy’ Discourse: A People's Daily Analysis .” British Journal of Chinese Studies 9 ( 2 ): 83 – 112 . Urciuoli , Bonnie . 2008 . “ Skills and