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Adrianna Tassone and Mindi D. Foster

Criss 2017 ). Both events typify collective action—that is, any action intended to benefit the larger collective, whether taken individually or in a physical group ( Louis 2009 ; Wright et al. 1990 ; Wright 2009 ). Although there are both societal

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Vincent Lyon-Callo

Corporatisation of universities and restructurings of K-12 schooling in the United States occurred during a period of broad economic, social and political restructurings, which have transformed the lives of middle-class Americans. Community and individual level investments in education are frequently represented as antidotes to increased insecurities confronting these subjects. This paper draws upon my interactions within both the school system and the university in which I work to explore how such practices continue to make sense to students, parents, and policy makers despite the lack of evidence demonstrating that such strategies overcome declining economic security and to suggest possibilities for alternative practices to produce collective mobilisations against inequality.

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What Social Identities Can Tell Us about Violence in Social Movements, and Vice Versa

A Social-Psychological Response to “Violence, Social Movements, and Black Freedom Struggles: Ten Theses Toward a Research Agenda for Scholars of Contention Today”

Andrew G. Livingstone

AK Thompson's “Ten Theses” is a timely and compelling piece. It challenges collective action scholars to address the nature, bases, and consequences of violence and physical force in a manner that does not position these as anomalous or outside

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Lesley Gill

possibility so that progressive, transformative collective action becomes imaginable? Gavin Smith (2014) asks these questions in his latest book, Intellectuals and (Counter-) Politics: Essays in Historical Realism . Smith is less concerned with connecting

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Stacy M. K. George

embraced at Tea Party meetings, thereby producing group solidarity, commitment, and participation despite the party’s secular composition. Culture, Religion, and Collective Action For decades, scholars have attempted to describe the impact of religion and

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Aliza Luft

which occurs when “collective action events are peopled by citizens in their capacity as nonstate actors, but the main source of claims, leadership, and organizational resources is from within the state itself, and state actors, in their official

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Toxic Research

Political Ecologies and the Matter of Damage

Noah Theriault and Simi Kang

-led collective action (see Nading 2020 ). Our review traces these theoretical and methodological shifts across time, space, and discipline, highlighting the collective actions they have supported as well as the places where their impacts remain limited. We

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Peter Levine

Martha's Vineyard has an extremely clear border: 11 km or more of seawater that requires a ferry or aircraft to traverse. Elinor Ostrom showed that people are capable of voluntary self-governance and can overcome problems of collective action, but our

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“Speak with Girls, Not for Them”

Supporting Girls’ Action Against Rape Culture

Alexe Bernier and Sarah Winstanley

. 2007; Skoog et al. 2016 ; Thacker 2017 ). Girls’ resistance to violence is usually included with reference to individual coping mechanisms or self-defense as a prevention strategy, with a few exceptions that explore collective action aimed at shifting

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Alex Lichtenstein

strikes and the ‘class consciousness’ of African workers. From a Sartrean perspective, the essay described how an atomised working class might be suddenly moved to collective action erupting from the daily relations of the shop floor. Such spontaneous