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Vanessa Stjernborg, Mekonnen Tesfahuney, and Anders Wretstrand

This study focuses on Seved, a segregated and socioeconomically “poor” neighborhood in the city of Malmö in Sweden. It has attracted wide media coverage, a possible consequence of which is its increased stigmatization. The wide disparity between perceived or imagined fear and the actual incidence of, or exposure to, violence attests to the important role of the media in shaping mental maps and place images. Critical discourse analysis of daily newspaper articles shows that Seved is predominantly construed as unruly and a place of lawlessness. Mobility comprises an important aspect of the stigmatization of places, the politics of fear, and discourses of the “other.” In turn, place stigmatization, discourses of the other, and the politics of fear directly and indirectly affect mobility strategies of individuals and groups.

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Hieronymus Purwanta

struggle) contained in the surveyed texts. The battle is presented as proof that the War of Independence between the Indonesian youth militias and the British and Dutch forces had involved all segments of Indonesian society. Critical Discourse Analysis The

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Making Sense of the Human-Nature Relationship

A Reception Study of the “Nature Is Speaking” Campaign on YouTube

Ulrika Olausson

second section presents the analytic framework, which makes use of Stuart Hall's encoding/decoding theory and the methodological tools of multimodal critical discourse analysis (MCDA). It also introduces the materials studied: YouTube comments and

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Migration and Migrants between the Favorable and the Problematic

A Discourse Analysis of Secondary School Turkish History Textbooks from 1966 to 2018

Önder Cetin

Critical Discourse Analysis (London: SAGE, 2001); Ruth Wodak, Rudolf de Cillia, Martin Reisigl, and Karin Liebhart, The Discursive Construction of National Identity , trans. Angelika Hirsch, Richard Mitten, and J. W. Unger (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University

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Invisible labour

Do we need to reoccupy student engagement policy?

Sarah Hayes

to be done, but there is little indication of who will do it. Examining student engagement through a corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis A corpus can be understood as a collection of naturally occurring language, in this case higher

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Svetlana Huusko

:// . Van Dijk , Teun A. 1993 . “ Principles of Critical Discourse Analysis .” Discourse & Society 4 ( 2 ): 249 – 83 . doi: . 10.1177/0957926593004002006 Vasilevich , Glaphira M. , and

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Christiane Lemke

following section, I will draw on a discourse analytical approach and show how the AfD is framing issues pertaining to international affairs, including the eu and transatlantic relations. As Ruth Wodak has argued, critical discourse analysis “does not

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Anat Herbst

This study applies critical discourse analysis to examine the relationship between the imagery and the legitimacy attached to single mothers, as well as the social policy designed for them. The correlation between images, legitimacy, and policy was examined during three decades (the 1970s, 1990s, and 2000s) of extensive legislation pertaining to single-parent mothers. The data have been drawn from a diversity of sources, including Knesset debates, Knesset committee discussions, women's organizations, the media, and semi-structured interviews. The study shows that welfare policy necessarily encapsulates cultural perceptions and basic assumptions pertaining to certain segments of society. These beliefs anchor justifications for the expansion or limitation of social rights and reveal how the development of social rights is linked to cultural and social apprehension.

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Muhammad Ayaz Naseem

This article examines the textual constitution of militarism and militaristic subjects in and by educational discourse in Pakistan. The article focuses on two subjects, namely social studies and Urdu, which are taught in the public school system of Pakistan. In order to examine the constitution of militaristic subjectivities, the author draws upon concepts of poststructuralist theory and critical discourse analysis. The author's main argument is that it is vital to first deconstruct the constructs of war from the minds of people in order for the constructs of peace to be instilled. There are many sites where such deconstruction needs to begin. One of the likely places for such an exercise is in textbooks, for these are sites in which war and violence are or can be constructed and instilled into the minds of future citizens. These are also natural sites for the construction of defenses of peace, for these spaces harbor agency to resist war and violence. This article examines textual and discursive data from Pakistan's educational discourse (mainly curricula and textbooks) to illustrate how war and militarism are constructed by these discourses via curricula and textbooks.

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Rapping French Cities in the 1990s

Blurring Marseille and Brightening Paris in Contested Processes of Boundary Making

Joseph Downing

Marseille and by carrying out a critical discourse analysis (CDA) of a large number of rap tracks. This article thus seeks to open a dialogue on this important subject by exploring how rap music written and performed in France's two most important centers