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Culture Constraints of High-Speed Rail in the United States

A Perspective from American Exceptionalism

Zhenhua Chen

The development of high-speed rail (HSR) infrastructure in the United States faces a great challenge given concerns of economic viability and political complexity. However, an in-depth investigation reveals that some of these challenges and complexities regarding high-speed rail mobility can be elucidated by historical and cultural characteristics that affect daily behavior, lifestyle, and public attitudes in U.S. society. This essay discusses the debate on the U.S. high-speed rail development policy from the perspective of American exceptionalism. Through an exploration of the four traits of American exceptionalism, the essay argues that the stagnation of U.S. federal high-speed rail initiatives can be explained by U.S. cultural constraints: individualism, antistatism, populism, and egalitarianism. Unless more solid evidence is provided to convince the public about the benefits of HSR mobility, the HSR debate is likely to continue in the United States.

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Anthropology and the Cognitive Science of Religion

A Critical Assessment

Carles Salazar

Recent cognitive and evolutionary approaches to the study of religion have been seen by many as a naturalistic alternative to conventional anthropological interpretations. Whereas anthropologists have traditionally accounted for the existence of religion in terms of social and cultural determinants, cognitive scientists have emphasized the innate—that is pre-cultural—constraints placed by natural selection on the formation and acquisition of religious ideas. This article provides a critical assessment of the main theoretical proposals put forward by cognitive scientists and suggests possible interactions, perhaps interdependencies, with more standard anthropological sensibilities, especially between cognitive and evolutionary perspectives that see religion as a by-product of innate psychological dispositions and anthropological approaches that take the 'meaningful' nature of religious symbols as their point of departure.

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Underground Theater

Theorizing Mobility through Modern Subway Dramas

Sunny Stalter-Pace

This article begins from the premise that modern American drama provides a useful and understudied archive of representations of mobility. It focuses on plays set on the New York City subway, using the performance studies concept of “restored behavior” to understand the way that these plays repeat and heighten the experience of subway riding. Through their repetitions, they make visible the psychological consequences of ridership under the historical and cultural constraints of the interwar period. Elmer Rice's 1929 play The Subway is read as a particularly rich exploration of the consequences of female passenger's presumed passivity and sexualization in this era. The Subway and plays like it enable scholars of mobility to better understand the ways that theatrical texts intervene in cultural conversations about urban transportation.

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The Copernican Revolution in Ideology Research; Exploring the Ubiquity of “Progress” in Modern Chinese Thought; History beyond History; Three Stages of the Danish Welfare State through the Prism of Citizen Categories

Tobias Adler-Bartels, Egas Bender de Moniz Bandeira, Kirill Postoutenko, and Johan Strang

and cultural constraints, whereby he emphasizes the important role of emotions “as additional decontesting ‘agents’ alongside, and often cutting across, logical and cultural constraints” (116). While the morphology describes the micro-level of an

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Mixed Message Media

Girls’ Voices and Civic Engagement in Student Journalism

Piotr S. Bobkowski and Genelle I. Belmas

Gilbert (1989) focused on Australia and the UK as well as on the United States. Toh and Leonardelli (2013) took a global look at cultural constraints on women leaders in 32 countries in a study that suggests that to be considered a leader, an individual

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From Sickle to Pen

Women's Education and Everyday Mobility in Rural Pakistan

Muhammad A. Z. Mughal

higher for both men and women in rural areas, the latter have fewer opportunities for educational and occupational development due to some cultural constraints on their mobility. Nonetheless, education has played an important role in increasing women

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Reading Production and Culture

UK Teen Girl Comics from 1955 to 1960

Joan Ormrod

their study of Beatles fandom, enabled American girls to express their sexuality and resistance to cultural constraints placed on them in the early 1960s. Promotion differentiated British pop stars from their more glamorous American cousins as accessible

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Bringing Lebanon’s Civil War Home to Anglophone Literature

Alameddine’s Appropriation of Shakespeare’s Tragedies

Yousef Awad

the emotional as well as cultural constraints governing women’. 13 Likewise, as a result of living in a war-torn city, Aaliya adopts a manly persona. During the civil war, Aaliya acquires an AK-47 (67–68), which during the war lies next to her ‘where

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[I] ‘did write this Wyll with my own hand’

Simulation and Dissimulation in Isabella Whitney’s ‘Wyll and Testament’

Vassiliki Markidou

, among other things, the strategies that Whitney uses in her poem in order to surmount her contemporary cultural constraints, legitimate her writing and voice her gendered and/or social class critique. For instance, Wendy Wall has underlined Whitney

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1968 – The Resonant Memory of a Rebellious Year

Donatella della Porta

Cultural Constraint: Holocaust Myth and Rationality in German Politics .” American Sociological Review 62 ( 6 ): 921 – 936 . . 10.2307/2657347 Olick , Jeffrey K. , and Joyce Robbins . 1998 . “ Social Memory