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Bayla Ostrach

Spain and Catalunya changed dramatically as of mid-2010 under reforms to sexual and reproductive health laws ( Guttmacher Institute 2010 ; Ostrach 2017 , 2018a ). Implemented in publicly funded health systems, the abortion reforms had specific and

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Esther Anaya and Santiago Gorostiza

Compared with work in other European countries, the history of bicycle mobility in Spain is still in its infancy. In pioneering work, some historians have dealt with the nineteenth-century origins of cycling in Spain, particularly its athletic aspects. Other historians have reviewed the main cycling competitions in the country: the Volta a Catalunya, organized in 1911, and the Vuelta a España, begun in 1935. Utilitarian cycling, however, has received less attention. A few authors have highlighted the bicycle’s importance in Spain over most of the century, but none have examined the evolution of utilitarian cycling in Spain during the twentieth century. Although archival sources are ample, their diversity and wide dispersion in various government archives, especially at the municipal level, are research obstacles.

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Inalienable Worlds

Inter-species Relations, Perspectives and 'Doublethink' in a Catalonian Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Lys Alcayna-Stevens

This article draws on ethnographic research conducted in a chimpanzee sanctuary in Catalunya, and contributes to contemporary theoretical debates surrounding Viveiros de Castro's recent injunction for anthropologists to 'take seriously' the worlds of their ethnographic interlocutors. Taking seriously apparent contradictions in keepers' reflections on the care of chimpanzees, the concept of 'doublethink' is introduced as a heuristic in order to appreciate both their practices of boundary maintenance and the strong inter-species relationships which proliferate at the sanctuary. Anthropologies of Euro-American naturalism must be ready to appreciate both the apparently unbridgeable dualisms utilized and enacted by their interlocutors, and the simultaneous disappearance, dissolution and intermittent irrelevance of these dualisms in their interlocutors' encounters and reflections. The article concludes with a rethinking of the alienability/inalienability of others' worlds.

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Mireia Comas-Via

Translator : Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel

one of their duties was to attend to the “negocia miserabilium personarum pupillarum et viduarum.” Constitucions y altres drets de Catalunya compilats en virtut del capítol de cort LXXXII de las corts per la S. C. y R. Majestat del rey Don Philip IV

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Francisco Jiménez Bautista

estructural que se ha instalado en la sociedad española, con un aumento continuo de las tasas de reincidencia y una criminalización de la pobreza, en especial, en lo referente a las mujeres ( Generalitat de Catalunya, 2009 ; Jiménez Bautista, 2012b ; Jiménez

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Dissenting Voices?

Controlling Children’s Comics under Franco

Rhiannon McGlade

the present research includes the archives of the Biblioteca de Catalunya and several private collections. 44 Ana Merino, El cómic hispánico [The Hispanic comic] (Madrid: Cátedra, 2003), 126. 45 See e.g. Abellán, Censura ; Sinova, La censura de

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The Corpus Christi Devotion

Gender, Liturgy, and Authority among Dominican Nuns in Castile in the Middle Ages

Mercedes Pérez Vidal

): 37–52, esp. 38. 26 Josep María Ainaud de Lasarte, “Un sant popular,” in Ramon de Penyafort i el dret català: quatre-cents anys de la canonització del patró dels advocats de Catalunya, 1601–2001 (Barcelona: Fundació Jaume I, 2000), 20–25. 27 Jane

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Julie Gough, Jonathan Jones, Kelli Cole, Shari Lett, Glenn Iseger-Pilkington, Billie Lythberg, Jennifer Walklate, Jeanine Nault, Jake Homiak, Joshua A. Bell, and Natasha Barrett

(often legitimated by past imperialism and present cultural power) and local concerns. In “The Practice of Everyday Museum Making,” Mariona Moncunil-Pinas of the Universitat Oberta De Catalunya offered wonderful examples of personal, unsanctioned museums

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Sordera y el cuarto objetivo del desarrollo sostenible (ODS4)

Propuesta de un proyecto de RED para la educación bilingüe de los sordos bajo el marco europeo

Itzel Moreno Vite and María del Pilar Fernández-Viader

signos y que ha consolidado una identidad Sorda (ver glosario). Cedillo (2004) , profesora Sorda de la Comunidad de Catalunya (España) indica que la Comunidad Sorda es muy heterogénea por la condición personal y social de sus miembros. Conforma una

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War Memories and Online Encyclopedias

Framing 30 June 1941 in Wikipedia

Mykola Makhortykh

: Universidad Oberta de Catalunya, 2011), 130–141, 140. 3 Sook Lim, “How and Why Do College Students Use Wikipedia?” Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 60, no. 11 (2009): 2189–2202; Alison Head and Michael Eisenberg, “How