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Digitally Dismantling Asian Authoritarianism

Activist Reflections from the #MilkTeaAlliance

Adam K. Dedman and Autumn Lai

the “Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has constructed an elaborate machinery for the extraction of affect” from those not toeing the Party line. In doing so, it exercises what Christian Sorace (2020: 150–151) calls “affective sovereignty,” or the ways in

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Harriet Evans

From many perspectives, the Chinese Communist Party’s approach to gender equality and feminism offers a shining example of communism’s ideological limitations, and its historical failure to serve women’s interests. From its earliest days, Chinese communism upheld a platform of ‘sexual equality’ (nannü pingdeng), and implemented numerous policies to protect women’s equal rights. Yet its attacks on the epistemological foundations of Western feminism and its denunciation of the latter as little more than ‘bourgeois individualism’ give clear evidence of Miheala Miroiu’s ‘contradictio in terminis’.

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Brian Callan and Giovanni A. Travaglino

,” examines the contested efforts of Chinese “techno-nationalists” who have attempted to shame public figures into supporting the Chinese Communist Party. As activist-researchers embedded in the #MilkTeaAlliance—a pan-Asian movement uniting users from Thailand

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COVID-19 and Uncertain Intimacy

State–Society Relations in Urban China and Beyond

Jialing Luo

-directed campaigns aimed at the construction of a harmonious society ( hexie shehui ). This has been followed by the more recent state promotion of the governance of shequ ( shequ zhili ) with the CCP's (Chinese Communist Party) leadership at the core. Much better

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Wang Zhen, Alfred Tovias, Peter Bergamin, Menachem Klein, Tally Kritzman-Amir, and Pnina Peri

bodyguard for Sun Yat-sen, the leader of the movement to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and the founder of the Republic of China in 1911. Jacob Rosenfeld joined the army of China's Communist Party as a foreign doctor, making great contributions to the Chinese

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The Art of Capture

Hidden Jokes and the Reinvention of Animistic Ontologies in Southwest China

Katherine Swancutt

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and academic circles (ibid.: 1033–1035). Nuosu slaveholding practices were therefore targeted during the ‘democratic reforms’ (Ch. minzhu gaige 民主改革) undertaken across China’s southwest in 1956–1957 to incorporate ethnic

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David Schweikart

running high throughout the Third World. The European colonial empires were collapsing, the Chinese Communist party had triumphed, Vietnamese communists were defeating the French. In the “backyard” of the world’s most powerful—and rabidly anti

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To Smile and Not to Smile

Mythic Gesture at the Russia-China Border

Caroline Humphrey

website notes, that Chinese girls take special courses where they are trained to smile attractively with the aid of chopsticks. Yet beware, for these courses have been organized by a directive of the Chinese Communist Party, which has issued brochures in

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Gil Hizi

conformity to the state and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), private pedagogic programs apply these emotive terms more flexibly and diversely. Zheng nengliang , for example, has become widespread in extracurricular activities due to its expansive meaning

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The Algebra of Souls

Ontological Multiplicity and the Transformation of Animism in Southwest China

Mireille Mazard

Autonomous Region in the north. Due to its geographical proximity to these two politically sensitive regions, Nujiang was militarized and subject to intense ideological scrutiny from the Chinese Communist Party during the Mao era. I conducted 12 months of