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Beyond citizenship

Adivasi and Dalit political pathways in India

Nicolas Jaoul and Alpa Shah

All anthropological difference represents the universal in front of an enunciation that, by trying to “neutralize” it, “communitarizes” it, because it institutes citizenship as the community of the “normals,” the “civilized men,” the “responsible

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Contested Citizenship

Public Schooling and Political Changes in Early Nineteenth Century Switzerland

Ingrid Brühwiler

, equality, and political and cultural participation, 2 the latter of which includes national citizenship. Indeed, the state’s commitment to national citizenship (educating pupils to become national citizens) was among the reasons why it sought to implement

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Enacting Citizenship

A Case Study of a Syrian Refugee Protest in Germany

Lucia Volk

‘It is quite a wonderful paradox to say that publicly self-identifying as a non-status migrant is to engage in an act of citizenship’. Peter Nyers, ‘No One Is Illegal’ ( 2008 ) In the introduction to their book Refugees Welcome

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Assaf Shapira

Among the prominent global phenomena of the last few decades is mass immigration between countries. Consequently, scholars are paying increasing attention to citizenship policies, that is, the rules and procedures determining whether, and under what

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Citizens and Citizenship

The Rhetoric of Dutch Immigrant Integration Policy in 2011

Dana Rem and Des Gasper

In some European countries, including the Netherlands, policies that are more restrictive in regard to citizenship have been articulated since the late 1990s, partly because of the influence of right-wing populist parties. According to Friso van

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Ben Herzog

the world, these views cannot be separated from the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. The goal of this article, however, is not simply to appraise the morality of Israeli citizenship, but to present and analyze the effect of ethical

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Citizenship in religious clothing?

Navayana Buddhism and Dalit emancipation in late 1990s Uttar Pradesh

Nicolas Jaoul

institutions. His speech was therefore on a similar line to Thomas Marshall’s contemporary emphasis on social and economic citizenship as opposed to political rights alone ( Marshall 1950 ). But Ambedkar’s decision to consecrate the rest of his life to Buddhism

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Accessing Citizenship

The Conceptual and Political Changes of the German Naturalization Policy, 1999–2006

Anna Björk

This article deals explicitly with the dimension of access in the concept of citizenship and is discussed from the point of view of migration. Access is analyzed in the context of the reform of German citizenship laws in 1999. The state of Hesse is singled out to be used as an example of parliamentary debate on the concepts of citizenship and integration. The point is to explicate the interrelations of the federal legislative reform and the conceptual implications thereof, using Hesse as a state-level example.

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Briony Hannell

Muslim girls living in non-Muslim majority countries are routinely discursively positioned as objects of public anxiety in relation to their citizenship and civic engagement. They are positioned as being at-risk or in crisis ( Gilmore and Marshall

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Robin Rodd

globalization has rendered citizenship meaningless by negating the legitimacy of social and political rights, and redefining civil rights in terms of consumers and entrepreneurs. Siapera writes: Citizenship under post-democracy is apathetic, responding to