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“We Must Talk about Cologne”

Race, Gender, and Reconfigurations of “Europe”

Beverly Weber

Introduction In the weeks following the New Year’s Eve sexualized violence reported at the Cologne train station, two images appeared in the German press that pointedly demonstrate the ways in which this violence played into racialized fears

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The Bodily Efficacy of the Categories

Durkheim and Mauss's Intervention into the History of Philosophy

Erhard Schüttpelz and Martin Zillinger

philosophy. Allow me to conclude in this way. (Mauss [1924] 1979: 33) Acknowledgements This article was developed for and in discussion with the Cologne working group on the Category Project, which is preparing an anthology and commentary on the

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“SpiritS Follow the words”

Stories as Spirit Traces among the Khmu of Northern Laos

Rosalie Stolz

copyediting. The research on which this article is based was kindly funded by the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne. I am indebted to Professor Phout Simmalavong and to researcher Oudone Vongsommy of the National University of Laos for

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Variants of Frontier Mimesis

Colonial Encounter and Intercultural Interaction in the Lao-Vietnamese Uplands

Oliver Tappe

Global South Studies Center at the University of Cologne provided an inspiring intellectual environment during the writing-up phase of this article. Notes 1 Case studies included in this article are based on secondary literature and archival research in

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Structural and Ideological Determinants of Household Waste Recycling: Results from an Empirical Study in Cologne, Germany

Henning Best

This article aims to empirically test the so called low-cost hypothesis. The hypothesis posits that cost moderates the strength of the relationship between environmental concern and behavior. The effects of the behavioral cost and environmental concern on household waste recycling were evaluated, using empirical data collected from 2,695 respondents in Cologne, Germany. Empirically, a clear effect of both behavioral cost and environmental concern can be identified. Recycling rates are higher when a curbside scheme is implemented or the distance to collection containers is low. In addition, the probability of recycling participation rises when the actor has a pronounced environmental concern. This effect of environmental attitudes does not vary with behavioral cost and opportunities. Therefore, the low-cost hypothesis is not supported by the study.

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Rasmussen, Mattias Borg. 2015. Andean waterways: resource politics in highland Peru. Washington, DC: University of Washington Press. 232 pp. Pb.: US$30.00. ISBN: 9780295994932.

Franz Krause

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A Deviant Case or a Model of New Coalition Building on the German State Level?

Torsten Oppelland


The small federal state Thuringia has been politically unique over the last two legislative terms in two respects: It is the only German state in which a minister president belonging to the Left Party is leading a left of center coalition government; in other states where the Left Party is participating in governmental coalitions it is always the SPD that is leading the government. And, at least since 2019, Thuringia is unique because it is ruled by a minority government of the Left Party, SPD, and Greens. This article argues that the first uniqueness is a historically contingent deviance from national patterns that can be explained by the electoral development of the Thuringian SPD. The unique type of minority government has been caused primarily by the electoral success of the AfD in Thuringia, and it might serve as a model for other federal states if coalition building becomes equally difficult.

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Inhabiting Volatile Worlds

Franz Krause and Thomas Hylland Eriksen

deltaic lifeworlds , organised by the DELTA project at the University of Cologne in January 2021. The DELTA project has been funded by the German Research Foundation DFG's Emmy Noether Programme (project number 276392588). We thank all the workshop

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Book Reviews

David Miranda-Barreiro, Michelle Herte, Joe Sutliff Sanders, and Mark McKinney

ground for future research. Michelle Herte University of Cologne Thierry Bellefroid, ed. , L’Âge d’Or de la bande dessinée belge: La Collection du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège (Brussels: Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2015). 96 pp. ISBN: 978

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Zheng Nengliang and Pedagogies of Affect in Contemporary China

Gil Hizi


This article examines the role of affect in market-driven self-cultivation. Drawing on a study of extracurricular workshops for interpersonal skills in urban China, I describe programs that prioritize momentary excitement, associated with the state-endorsed colloquialism zheng nengliang (positive energy), while distinguishing this experience from the common registers of the exterior world. I define these settings as ‘pedagogies of affect’, activities that bring to the fore the short-lived and indeterminant attributes of affect without coherently serving discursive ideologies in trajectories of social engineering or neoliberal governmentality. This phenomenon demonstrates how the expansion of market-driven expertise for ‘person-making’ to new social groups globally reinforces ethical disjunctures between different social domains, as well as between individuals’ practical and aspirational pursuits.