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L'Express et l'espace après Apollo 11

La dramaturgie du récit journalistique à l'épreuve du spatial

Jérôme Lamy

This article examines the treatment of outer space in the French weekly magazine L'Express from 1969 to 2009. After the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, space was essentially analyzed from the perspective of geopolitics: International tensions, the Cold War, and the emergence of an integrated Europe served as prisms through which the subject of outer space was explored. After the Challenger crash in 1986, thinking about space took on a more commercial orientation; business, trade, and competition became a powerful frame of reference. At the same time, ecological concerns emerged to reinforce a negative view of space exploration. Space debris and the decline of utopian expectations became recurring themes. This cultural history of disenchantment over space reflected both a scaling back of Promethean ambitions and the assimilation of space into everyday life.

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Citizenship in religious clothing?

Navayana Buddhism and Dalit emancipation in late 1990s Uttar Pradesh

Nicolas Jaoul

disillusion but not the only one. 3 It also interestingly echoes Ambedkar’s own disappointment with institutional politics half a century before. Citizenship in religious clothing? In his pioneering work on the Ambedkarite movement of Agra (UP), the

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Demystification and Disruption

Laurence Grove, Anne Magnussen, and Ann Miller

, Tamburini acknowledged political disillusion by eliminating Modernist elements. His 1980s series Snake Agent , for example, appropriated panels from a US spy series, and de-dramatised the Futurist obsession with speed: the action was violently accelerated

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John Gledhill

many more expressed their disillusion with politics by casting null or blank votes. At the same time, we can draw inspiration from Monique to think about where Brazilian politics might take us in the future, should Lula return.

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Özlem Özmen

displays that contemporary Jewish responses to the playwright are not limited to the discussions of Merchant alone. In terms of the use of themes such as ‘(political) disillusion and defeat [that are more central to Lear] than any other play by

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Graham Holderness and Bryan Loughrey

between hope and despair, between ‘consolation and disillusion’. Such gaps are the enduring legacy of unnatural disasters like the Blitz, or 9/11, or the 7 July bombings in London. But gaps to be bridged, as Wallace observes, holes to be filled with memory

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Eric Jennings, Hanna Diamond, Constance Pâris de Bollardière, and Jessica Lynne Pearson

motivations and disillusions. Of special note is the testimony of some veterans post 1960, who expressed displeasure at finding themselves in the ranks of a small army with circumscribed reach, after having previously travelled the world within an imperial

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Liesbeth Schoonheim

brother the next year. While Beauvoir's unease is palpable, she nevertheless continues her adulation of Jacques in later entries and only states her disillusion four months later (287). Interestingly, Beauvoir relates this event too in Memoirs of a

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The Problem of Modern Pederasty in Queer History

A Case Study of Norman Douglas

Rachel Hope Cleves

of a stridently immoral book ( South Wind ) at a moment when the edifice of Victorian prudery was crumbling under the disillusioning impact of World War I. His willingness to flout sexual conventions made him a figure of admiration at a time when

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Curious Utopias

Dreaming Big Again in the Twenty-first Century?

Ruth Prince and Tom Neumark

their measurable aimed-for outcomes, but in what else they may engender or set into motion. In particular, specific structures of feeling ( Williams 1977 ) and affective landscapes of hope and optimism, disillusion and disappointment, desire and dread