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From Black-Blanc-Beur to Black-Black-Black?

“L'Affaire des Quotas” and the Shattered “Image of 1998” in Twenty-First-Century France

Christopher S. Thompson

Since the mid-1990s, France's national soccer team has been given considerable significance in French debates about post-colonial immigration, national identity, republican citizenship, and the enduring legacies of French imperialism. This article explores the role played by representations of the team in those debates with a particular focus on the so-called “affaire des quotas” of 2010–2011. It argues that those representations reveal that the boundary between the purportedly inclusive civic nationalism of French republicanism according to which any person willing to embrace the duties and rights of democratic citizenship may theoretically become French, and the exclusionary ethnic nationalism of the xenophobic Front national is far less impermeable than is generally assumed in France. Indeed, race and ethnicity inform notions of French citizenship even among persons who reject the essentialist views of the Far Right.

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Rohan Bastin

Developing Deleuze and Guattari's concepts of territorialization and the apparatus of capture, this article explores the role that Sri Lankan Hindu temples have played in the formation of ethnicity and ethnic conflict. Analyzing three contemporary events, the article introduces ways in which many different Sri Lankans (Sinhalese and Tamil) interpret their country's predicament and seek to resolve or prolong it. The events also reveal how scholarship becomes entangled in ethnic nationalism. I then examine in greater detail a village in which temple construction was a critical feature of identity formation during the creation of Sri Lanka as a colonialist and capitalist bureaucratic space. Through this account, I argue that the formation of polarized ethnicity in Sri Lanka is the product of multiple refractive forces, of which temples are one, and not the end result of a singular colonialist bureaucratic agency.

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Sight and Touch between East and West

Ethics, Ethnography and Social Theory

Liene Ozolina

civic vs. ethnic nationalism, we need to create space in contemporary social theory to think of nationalism as ‘not a moral mistake’ ( Calhoun 2007: 1 ; see also Edensor 2002 ). The act of wearing the scarf is a way of being in the world that makes that

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Sue Stedman-Jones

understand how Durkheim responded to this historical moment, we must first analyse the ideas of AF. There were two significant thinkers here: Maurice Barrès and Charles Maurras. Barrès and Ethnic Nationalism In 1898, in mid-Dreyfus agitation, Maurice

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Linguistic Identities in Post-Conflict Societies

Current Issues and Developments in Northern Ireland

Freya Stancombe-Taylor

the Politics of Culture ( Toronto : University of Toronto Press ). May , S. ( 2001 ), Language and Minority Rights: Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Politics of Language ( London : Routledge ). McCoy , G. ( 1997 ), ‘ Protestant Learners of

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Radical Right-Wing Populists in Parliament

Examining the Alternative for Germany in European Context

Lars Rensmann

seemed to largely discredit and undermine any potential broader appeal of politically organized ethnic nationalism or actors promoting radical-right ideology. No matter if this Sonderweg (special path) claim was valid in the past or not, it no longer

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Negotiating the Nation in History

The Swedish State Approval Scheme for Textbooks and Teaching Aids from 1945 to 1983

Henrik Åström Elmersjö

viewed as one of the main reproductive features of the nation as an entity, reconfiguring the nation rather than demolishing it in the age of globalization. 3 Following the moral bankruptcy of ethnic nationalism in the wake of the Second World War, and

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Ethnicity, Homogeneity, Nation

A Relationship of Tension

Samuel Salzborn

question the social basis of the normative order. Not all nationalisms are equal, after all. Combined with a collectively homogenising belief in ethnicity, nationalism becomes a basis to undo the normative order of democracy. In the terms used by Norbert

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An Obstacle to Decolonising Europe

White Nationalism and Its Co-option of Serbian Propaganda

Jordan Kiper

. ( 2001 ), ‘ Ethnic Nationalism and the Discourses of Violence in Sri Lanka ’, Journal of Transnational & Crosscultural Studies 9 , no. 1 : 33 – 67 . Kapferer , B. ( 2010 ), ‘ Nationalist Ideology and a Comparative Anthropology ’, Ethnos 54

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So What Is the Anthropology of Buddhism About?

David N. Gellner

have made a considerable contribution is Buddhism’s links to politics, ethnicity, nationalism, and the state (see, e.g., Madsen 2007 ; Mills 2003 ; Raghavan 2016 ; Seneviratne 1999 ; Walton 2016 ). Collective identities become pressing in the