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Dieter Haller

This essay explores what Ethnologie (social and cultural anthropology) can contribute to the study of corruption. It firstly lays bare basic approaches of the study of corruption by conventional political and social sciences and influential political agents such as Transparency International. In these approaches, corruption is shaped by a variety of assumptions: that corruption takes place between the public and a private sphere, that it is an indicator of instability and that it is morally reprehensibly and therefore a clandestine activity. The essay expands on these assumptions from the anthropological point of view, thereby detecting blind spots in the conventional approaches. Finally, by discussing four examples, the essay seeks to show how Ethnologie can enrich other approaches to social scientific corruption research with a genuine contribution.

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AJEC @ 21

Perspectives from SIEF, EASA and SAE

Ullrich Kockel, Susana Narotzky and Deborah Reed-Danahay

AJEC @ 21: A Perspective from the Société Internationale d’Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF)

AJEC @ 21: A Perspective from the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA)

AJEC @ 21: A Perspective from the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

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In Memoriam

Pierre Bonte (1942–2013)

Jean-Pierre Digard

Membre du bureau éditorial d’Anthropology of the Middle East, Pierre Bonte s’est éteint le 4 novembre 2013 à l’âge de soixante-et-onze ans. Né le 25 août 1942 dans le nord de la France, au sein d’une famille de mineurs et d’instituteurs laïcs – il eut un grand-père, mineur, qui fut député communiste–, Pierre Bonte obtint son baccalauréat à Lille en 1960, puis une licence de sociologie et plusieurs certificats de psychologie à Paris en 1964. Intéressé par l’ethnologie, Pierre Bonte commença par étudier les Touaregs Kel Gress du Niger auxquels il consacra sa thèse de doctorat en ethnologie préparée sous la direction d’André Leroi-Gourhan puis de Robert Cresswell et soutenue à l’Université Paris V-Sorbonne en 1970.

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Books and Conferences

Kamyar Abdi, M. Chloe Mulderig, A. Rouhbakhshan, Adham Ashirov and Catherine Alexander


Postage, J. N. (ed.) (2007), Languages of Iraq: Ancient and Modern (London: British School of Archaeology in Iraq). ix + 187 pp., figs. ISBN. 978-0-903472-21-0. £15.00.

Reid, Donald Malcom (2002), Whose Pharaohs? Archaeology, Museums, and Egyptian National Identity from Napoleon to World War I (Berkeley: University of California Press). ix + 409 pp., 46 illus. ISBN 0520240693. $21.95.

Vivier-Muresan, Anne-Sophie (2006), Afzad: Ethnologie d’un village d’Iran (Tehran: IFRI). xxvii + 446p.


Scientific Conference, Karim Shaniyazov Lecture Series, 14 December 2007, Namangan, Uzbekistan

Scientific Workshop, ‘Anthropological Theories, Ethnic Nationalities’, 8–9 December 2007, Tehran, Iran

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Ullrich Kockel

The previous issue of AJEC had ‘Ethnological Approaches to Cultural Heritages’ as its theme. As that issue was being produced, the Société Internationale d’Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF) held its 9th Congress, entitled ‘Transcending European Heritages: Liberating the Ethnological Imagination’, at the University of Ulster during the week 16–20 June, 2008 (see Fenske 2008 for details). This offered an opportunity to explore our theme further, and therefore the plenary speakers at that congress, representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds and approaches, nationalities and intellectual biographies, were invited to submit their texts for the present issue.

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David N. Collins, Wayne E. Allen, N. G. O. Pereira, Kristina Kuentzel-Witt and Kerrie Ann Shannon

Valerii Skubnevskii and Iurii Goncharov, Goroda zapadnoi Sibiri vo vtoroi polovine XIX – nachale XX v. Chast’ 1: Naselenie, ekonomika

Iurii Goncharov, Gorodskaia sem’ia Sibiri vo vtoroi polovine XIX – nachala XX v.

Piers Vitebsky, The Reindeer People: Living with Animals and Spirits in Siberia Piers Vitebsky

Semion Lyandres and Dietmar Wulff, Eds., A Chronicle of the Civil War in Siberia and Exile in China: The Diaries of Petr Valil’evich Vologodskii, 1918–1925

Geoffrey Elliott, From Siberia with Love: A Story of Exile, Revolution and Cigarettes

Anna Bek, The Life of a Russian Woman Doctor: A Siberian Memoir, 1869–1954

Gudrun Bucher, Von Beschreibung der Sitten und Gebräuche der Völcker: die Instruktionen Gerhard Friedrich Müllers und ihre Bedeutung für die Geschichte der Ethnologie und der Geschichtswissenschaft

Andrei Znamenski, Through Orthodox Eyes: Russian Missionary Narratives of Travels to the Dena’ina and Ahtna, 1850s–1930s

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Patricia Polansky, Dieter Stern, Pei-Lin Yu, Aram A. Yengoyan, Igor Krupnik, David G. Anderson, Olga Balalaeva, Andrew Wiget, Christopher Ohan, Brigitte Packendorf and Aimar Ventsel

Maya Mikhailovna Shcherbakova, ed., Knigi, bez kotorykh ne mogu rabotat’: katalog lichnoi biblioteki V. K. Arsen’eva

Stefan Bauer, Stefan Donecker, Aline Ehrenfried, and Markus Hirnsperger, eds., Bruchlinien im Eis: Ethnologie des zirkumpolaren Nordens

Leonid P. Khlobystin, Taymyr: The Archaeology of Northernmost Eurasia

Steven Sabol, Russian Colonization of Central Asia and the Genesis of Kazak National Consciousness Carol Kerven, ed., Prospects for Pastoralism in Kazakstan and Turkmenistan: From State Farms to Private Flocks

David Anderson, managing ed., with Mikhail Batashev, Nikolai Makarov, and Olga Sordia, eds., Turukhanskaia ekspeditsiia Pripoliarnoi perepisi: Etnografiia i demografiia malochislennykh narodov Severa

Francine Hirsch, Empire of Nations: Ethnographic Knowledge and the Making of the Soviet Union

E. M. Glavatskaia, Religioznye traditsii khantov XVII–XX vv

Marc Garcelon, Revolutionary Passage: From Soviet to Post-Soviet Russia, 1985–2000

Edward J. Vajda, ed., Languages and Prehistory of Central Siberia

V. D. Golubchikova and Z. I. Khvtisiashvili, eds., Practical Dictionary of Siberia and the North

List of Books Received for Review

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Christine Haynes, Lost Illusions: The Politics of Publishing in Nineteenth-Century France by Willa Z. Silverman

Lost Illusions: The Politics of Publishing in Nineteenth-Century France by Christine Hayne

Roderick Cooke La Responsabilité de l'écrivain: Littérature, droit et morale en France (XIXe-XXIe siècle) by Gisèle Sapiro

Venita Datta Dreyfus, Politics, Emotion, and the Scandal of the Century by Ruth Harris

Kenneth Mouré France's New Deal: From the Thirties to the Postwar Era by Philip Nord

Jeffrey Mehlman Correspondance, 1934-1968 by Jean Paulhan and Armand Petitjean

Justin Izzo L'Adieu au voyage: L'ethnologie française entre science et littérature by Vincent Debaene

Jean-Claude Barbier Recasting Welfare Capitalism: Economic Adjustment in Contemporary France and Germany by Mark Vail

Christopher Thompson Traîtres à la nation? Un autre regard sur la grève des Bleus en Afrique du Sud by Stéphane Beaud (with Philippe Guimard)

Paul A. Silverstein Collective Terms: Race, Culture, and Community in a State-Planned City in France by Beth S. Epstein

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Ambiguous Attachments and Industrious Nostalgias

Heritage Narratives of Russian Old Believers in Romania

Cristina Clopot

( 2015 ), ‘ Pourquoi la Nostalgie? ’, Terrain: Revue d’Ethnologie de l’Europe 65 : 4 – 11 . Anore , C. ( 2011 ), ‘ Poșta Redacției pe Facebook ’ [ Editor’s Mail on Facebook ], Zorile , 11 , no. 229 : 11. Anttonen , P. ( 2008 ), ‘ Tradition and

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Between Afropolitans and new Sankaras

Class mobility and the reproduction of academics in Burkina Faso

Michelle Engeler

. “ Education, careers, and home ties: The ethnography of an emerging middle class from northern Ghana ”. Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 137 ( 2 ): 139 – 164 . Bianchini , Pascal . 2004 . École et politique en Afrique noire: Sociologie des crises et des