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Liminal spaces, resources and networks

Facebook as a shaping force for students’ transitions into higher education

Sally Baker and Eve Stirling

research. This article aims to address this empirical gap in the FYE/transitions literature by providing insights gleaned from two longitudinal, qualitative studies of students’ transitions into university. In seeking to understand what role Facebook plays

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When Facebook Is the Internet

A Halfie Anthropologist Grapples with Evolving Social Media Connectivity

Rosa Cordillera A. Castillo

In my country, the Philippines, Facebook is a primary platform for staying in touch; accessing, disseminating, and reacting to news and information; and mobilizing people for political and civic endeavors in the country and in the diaspora. A

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Mirjam de Bruijn

activist) after a period of intensive Facebook interactions in the lead-up to the 10 April 2016 presidential elections in Chad. His hypothesis was confirmed when, after 10 April, access to Facebook, WhatsApp, and other websites and applications was shut

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Dustin William Louie

member recognized, exploiters “are using Facebook to get them from the reserves and into the city. The majority of them are from reserves, and they know who is back home and then they go home and they do recruitment on the reserves because they are

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Cutting the Face

Kinship, State and Social Media Conflict in Networked Jordan

Geoffrey Hughes

from such men explaining wistfully how, ‘these days, the youth don’t sit and learn in the d̅iw̅an (the guest room) the way they used to. They’re always on their phones! They’re on Facebook, WhatsApp and I don’t know what else!’ 2 Indeed, the adoption

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A Hybrid Form of a Populist Right Movement

Ina Schmidt

statements collected from the official Facebook page of the movement (source2). 19 Both sources of information stemmed from the beginning phase of the movement. Different categories were assigned to the statements made and subsequently summarized into

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Laurel Hart, Pamela Lamb, and Joshua Cader

example, Facebook), and children’s storybook and gaming applications. In the primer and in contemporary technologies, characteristics of nonviolence such as intimacy; mobile technologies that serve as multimodal sensors, quality receivers, and transmedia

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Felix Girke

. It is no longer feasible to cleanly sever those ties established ‘there’ as it had been for our predecessors, even if desired, by one side or both. When anthropologists physically leave the field, the field will likely follow them—on Facebook and

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Fieldwork through the Zoomiverse

Sensing Uganda in a Time of Immobility

Richard Vokes and Gertrude Atukunda

Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Yet it was not until the advent of the COVID-19-related ‘lockdowns’ in our respective countries, from late-March 2020, that we had ever communicated via a video-calling platform such as Zoom. 1 In late February 2020

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The Guilty Brelfie

Censored Breastfeeding Selfies Reclaim Public Space

Mari E. Ramler

Breastfeeding mothers and their babies are simultaneously in the public sphere and hidden from public view. Although social media has the potential to normalize attitudes toward breastfeeding by increasing visibility, Facebook and Instagram maintain an unpredictable censorship policy toward “brelfies”—female breast selfies—which has undermined progress. Combining Iris Marion Young’s “undecidability” of the breasted experience with Brett Lunceford’s rhetoric of nakedness, this article investigates what breastfeeding mothers communicate online via digital images when they expose their breasts. By deconstructing controversial case studies, this article concludes that brelfies have increased breastfeeding’s accessibility and acceptability in the material world.