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Pulling up the Drawbridge

Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Support for the Alternative for Germany among Russian-Germans

Michael A. Hansen and Jonathan Olsen

Introduction German citizens with a Soviet migrant background—often known simply as Russian-Germans, a large subtype of ethnic German migrants ( Spätaussiedler )—comprise a unique group of German voters. Largely descendants of Germans who

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Tschüss, Perfidious Albion

German Reactions to Brexit

Eric Langenbacher

The Referendum Along with the rest of the continent and most of the world (except Donald J. Trump, who “predicted” the outcome after all), 1 Germans were shocked and saddened on 23 June 2016 when the 72 percent of British voters who participated

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The Costs of German Division

A Research Report

Werner Pfennig, Vu Tien Dung, and Alexander Pfennig

On 3 October 1990, Germany achieved formal unification. Even 27 years later, however, inner unity has yet to be completed and there are ongoing discussions about the overall costs. This is a widely debated topic in many countries, but especially in

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Where to Now?

Germany Rethinks its Energy Transition

Josephine Moore and Thane Gustafson

Eighteen years after the adoption of the Renewable Energy Sources Act ( Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz or eeg ), German political and business leaders are re-examining the foundations of the Energiewende (Energy Transition), reconsidering its

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Samuel Salzborn

The relatively new party known as the Alternative for Germany (Alternative für Deutschland, AfD) and its relationship to right-wing extremism has been the subject of a great deal of intensive discussion among political and social scientists. While

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The Left Party and the AfD

Populist Competitors in Eastern Germany

Jonathan Olsen

As is evident in the articles in this special issue, several main narratives developed following the 2017 German national election. The main headline, of course, was the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) precedent-shattering election performance. Not

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Tobias Schulze-Cleven

As scholars and policymakers debate how to combine social inclusion with competitiveness under twenty-first-century economic conditions, the German model of labor relations is again attracting significant attention. Yet, assessments of its health

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DIY, im Eigenverlag

East German Tamizdat LPs

Seth Howes

questions raised by recent scholarship on samizdat and tamizdat, the present article looks at five long-playing records ( lp s) recorded in the German Democratic Republic ( gdr ) that were released unofficially in the Federal Republic of Germany ( frg

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Christian Schweiger

. Ultimately, the crisis posed a systemic risk to the future of the single currency, which required political management. Under the conditions of the crisis, Germany moved into the position of the eu ’s leadership hegemon. Initially, this was widely welcomed

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Spatial Patterns of Thermidor

Protest and Voting in East Germany’s Revolution, 1989-1990

Marko Grdešić

Introduction East Germany’s revolutionary events of 1989-1990 have been analyzed from a variety of perspectives. 1 The final outcome of the Wende is well known: the abolition of the SED’s dictatorship and the unification of the two Germanys