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The Mobilization of Appropriation

Comment on the Special Section on Cultural Appropriation

Carsten Schinko

“Appropriation“ is a complex term used in many different realms, and an almost ubiquitous phenomenon. Conceptually linked to questions of mobility, appropriation has both a social and physical dimension. This essay delineates the term's employment in key political and academic discourses, and interrogates its inherent logic with regard to possession, the attribution of purpose and value, and the social reciprocity of the parties involved in the act. Starting off with questions of just distribution in modern nation-states, the argument then traces appropriation in contemporary debates on copyright in a digital age, and provides a sketch of the larger political imaginary informing acts of appropriation.

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Exit, pursued by a fan

Shakespeare, Fandom, and the Lure of the Alternate Universe

Kavita Mudan Finn and Jessica McCall

headcanons : ideas so well received that their rewritings become accepted as ‘canon’ within larger fandom discourse communities. Fandom, as Karen Hellekson and Tisha Turk have both argued, functions as a large-scale gift economy: ‘gifts within fandom are not

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Denunciations of dependence

Race, gender, and the double bind of domestic work in the Eastern Cape

Lotte Danielsen

within a gift economy. However, many expressed that they preferred to be in more impersonal wage labor relationships where they did not have to appeal to idioms of kinship and obligations associated with a gift economy. Nomothile had worked for the same

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Mike Neary and Joss Winn

currency. Or, in the form of a barter/gift economy. Or through a scheme of co-operative work experience making links with local co-operative schools. It might also be that courses are donated by scholars for free. It was felt that these ideas to generate

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Fern Thompsett

itself as ‘a direct challenge to dominant institutions and hierarchical relationships … firmly fixed in a gift economy and outside the stream of commerce’. 4 Others avoid naming any specific political project beyond opening a freely accessible space of

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Manijeh Nasrabadi, Maryam Aras, Alexander Djumaev, Sina Zekavat, Mary Elaine Hegland, Rosa Holman, and Amina Tawasil

-resistance binary. Edith Szanto provided an experiential description of the Shi’i annual pilgrimage to Imam al-Husayn’s shrine in Karbala and the gifting economy that takes place among the shrine’s pilgrims. Mary Hegland delivered Erika Loeffler Friedl’s paper on

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What Is Money?

A Definition Beyond Materiality and Quantity

Emanuel Seitz

and later as forms of primitive money ( Einzig 1951 ; Gerloff 1952 ; Laum 1924 ; contra Bohannan 1955 ; Polanyi 1944 ; Sahlins 1972 ). Gift economy and market economy are two forms of exchange, and the similar appearance of objects serving as

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Marco Solimene, Mariann Vaczi, Paul Manning, Bozena Sojka, Stephen Quilley, Anna Zhelnina, and Aimar Ventsel

the Olympic Games through such foundational anthropological concepts as the Kula ring, gift economy, and reciprocity. However, a whole chapter on methodology would have been a great asset, particularly in light of the net ethnographic experience of the

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Narratives of Socioecological Transition

The Case of the Transition Network in Portugal

Vera Ferreira and António Carvalho

exchange including self-provisioning, the commons and gift economies” ( Longhurst et al. 2016: 70 ). The TN is aligned with the critique of “growth fetishism,” and it is an “expression of what could be defined as best practices of active citizenship” ( D