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Kaddish for Gaza

Some Liturgical Ground Clearing

Jeremy Schonfield

response to the death of Palestinians in 2009 and 2014, but in less prominent locations than Parliament Square. The march over the border to Israel from Gaza was well announced, and was tied closely to President Trump's controversial transfer of the

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Holly Thorpe

my recent and ongoing work that focuses on new forms of youth resourcefulness and activism in damaged and conflicted spaces, particularly in Christchurch, Afghanistan, and Gaza. These are contexts in which youth physical mobilities are highly

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Chava Brownfield-Stein

Gaza-Israel, High-Tech Weaponry, Gender In 2007, Frank Hoffman described the previous year's war between Hezbollah and Israel as “the clearest example of a [conflict featuring a] modern Hybrid challenger” (see Hoffman 2007: 35 ). The Second

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Therese Sandrup

inhabitants reacted to two morally outrageous events: the Gaza War 2008 and 2009 and the escalating Syrian conflict. As I will show, both events created anger and discouragement among many of the residents of the suburb. Two Outrageous Events In 2008 and 2009

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Paul L. Scham and Yoram Peri

of military policing in Israel—that is, in the West Bank and on the Gaza border. The subject seemed somewhat arcane when we started planning it early in 2019, but now, as this issue reaches publication, we find that military policing is closely

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Christine Cohen Park

suffer from oppressions and infringements of liberty meted out by the occupying power on a daily basis, with no obvious end in sight. Despite this, are there still people in Israel, and on the West Bank and Gaza, I wanted to find out, who hold firm to

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We are writing this note in late July, during a temporary cease-fire in this summer’s Gaza War, and wondering how and when this particular subwar will end. We dare not even think about long-range peace solution in the current circumstances.

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Judith Rosen-Berry

During the summer of 2006 I was in the West Bank. Israel was at war in Lebanon and making incursions into Gaza, and, whilst in Bethlehem and East Jerusalem, I was told that several Palestinians had been arrested as suspected suicide bombers. I travelled to Ramallah, stopping between checkpoints; I walked beside and in the shadow of the security wall, looked out from one hill that is Israel towards another that is Palestine and thought of this poem.

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Christine McCourt

In opening this 2009 volume of Anthropology in Action, it seems important to comment on what are self-consciously interesting times. The first quarter of the year has already witnessed the inauguration of Barack Obama as US president, bitter and destructive bombing campaigns in Gaza, and further financial shocks in the world’s markets, with a seeming domino effect of wealthy capitalist institutions turning to national governments for support. Global and local relations, networks, identities and conflicts have been brought into sharp focus by world events, but anthropology is rarely visible in the news, and anthropologists rarely called upon to comment, despite a wealth of potentially valuable knowledge. Applications of anthropology are becoming gradually more accepted within the academy, but seem to have come only a short distance in terms of public profile or ability to influence national and trans-national policies.

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David Rodman, Defense and Diplomacy in Israel’s National Security Experience: Tactics, Partnerships, and Motives by Uri Bar-Joseph

Amos Oz, A Tale of Love and Darkness by Nathan P. Devir

Yoav Gelber, Israeli-Jordanian Dialogue, 1948–1953: Cooperation, Conspiracy, or Collusion? by Adam Garfinkle

Efraim Karsh, ed., Israeli Politics and Society Since 1948: Problems of Collective Identity by Sara Helman

Ronit Chacham, Breaking Ranks: Refusing to Serve in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by Ruth Linn

Gregory S. Mahler, Politics and Government in Israel: The Maturation of a Modern State by William Safran

Rachel Feldhay Brenner, Inextricably Bonded: Israeli Arab and Jewish Writers Re-visioning Culture by Smadar Shiffman

Baruch Kimmerling, The Invention and Decline of Israeliness: State, Society and the Military by Laurence J. Silberstein