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“God's Mighty Arm Makes the French Victorious”

The French Revolutionary Deists Who Believed in Miracles

Joseph Waligore

the supernatural elements of Christianity. Miracles, prophecies, and divine portents were all proscribed as residues of superstition.” 1 Similarly, Andrew Seidel writes, “Deism is the belief that a god or supernatural being created the universe but

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Intimacy with God and Coronavirus in Pakistan

Nadeem Malik

intimacy with God through prayers in mosques contributed to the spread of the coronavirus in Pakistan. As will be shown, Pakistan is living in an era where intimacy with God is not considered merely a personal affair. To most Pakistanis, it is a collective

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Knowing God

T.M. Luhrmann

Homeric attitude’ ( Snell 1960: 31 ). This is the kind of event – a man feels strong emotion and the resulting decision to act is depicted as spoken to him by a god – that Jaynes says was the way ordinary, real Greeks of the time experienced strong

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Sartre's Three Gods

Daniel O'Shiel

This article argues that although Jean-Paul Sartre is widely acknowledged as an atheist, a closer look at his phenomenological ontology in Being and Nothingness (1943) demonstrates a more complicated picture. I explicate three concepts of God at

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Arthur Green

As a religious person, I believe that the evolution of species is the greatest sacred drama of all time. It is a purposeful process. There is a One within and behind the great diversity of life that seeks to be discovered, that has aimed all along, however imperfectly and stumblingly, to bring about the emergence of a mind that can know it, articulate it, and strive toward the moral greatness that will fulfil its purpose. I prefer to think of that One in immanent terms, a Being or lifeforce that dwells within the universe and resides in all its forms, rather than a Creator from beyond who forms a world that is 'other' and separate from its own Self. Within the few millennia that we call human history, the evolutionary process continues unabated, as ideas, images, and conceptions of the gods or God or the life-force grow and change with the times. This evolutionary approach to the history of religion will form the background for my treatment here of Jewish views on the subject of God, which I seek to address in the combined roles of scholar/historian and contemporary believer/struggler/theologian.

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An Ethics of Response

Protestant Christians’ Relation with God and Elsewheres

Ingie Hovland

while those in the room were silent and listened. I will argue that they thought this was a better response to multiple Elsewheres—God and missionaries, women in Norway and in faraway lands. Moreover, they maintained that if their responsive listening

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God's Delivery State

Taxes, Tithes, and a Rightful Return in Urban Ghana

Anna-Riikka Kauppinen

Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; And to God the things that are God's. — Matthew 22:21 “Boys come home! Now! Stop wasting my money!” Elikem 1 shouted at the television screen. We were at the office of Mepex, a Ghanaian

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God's Viral Warriors

Christian Nationalism, Masculinity, and the Representation of Self

Jason Luger

Introduction [Name Redacted] GOD ABOVE ALL NPC classic/men's physique (Subject 1, Public Instagram profile, [Accessed 12 September 2022]). He, or at least the image of a he—one never knows for certain what human body is behind the

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God in All Things?

The Sacramental Logics of Jesuit Material Remains

J. Michelle Molina

examination, are not easily categorized as sacred or profane, religious or political. The idea of a God-present is central to the accrual of small items in these college inventories, and clearly this ‘litter’ offers clues as to how the Jesuit college, a

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Sartre and the Death of God

John H. Gillespie

One of the liveliest contemporary philosophical issues in the Academy and the public square is the question of God’s existence, linked, in Europe, to the struggle between religion and secularism, epitomised by recent sad events in Paris. The New