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Beverly Crawford Ames and Armon Rezai

widespread. There is growing political support for extremist parties of the far left and right. J. Bradford De Long and Barry Eichengreen, 2013 2 If you think this [the gold standard system] sounds a lot like the eurozone at the moment, you would not

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Douglas Bruster

years of the sixteenth century. It is precisely this saturation that may have led the publishers of Q1 Merry Wives and Q1 Hamlet to hedge their bets on these Shakespeare texts by amplifying their apparent percentages of verse – long the gold standard

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David Hawkes

the next three centuries until, in the twentieth century, all pretence that money referred to a physical signified was finally abandoned along with the gold standard. Over the last twenty or thirty years, this progressive abstraction of financial

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Carl Strikwerda

globalization aggravated social discontent by rigidly imposing deflation as the price of maintaining the gold standard. Without social welfare, recessions exacted a grievous toll. These disruptive effects of globalization and its strengthening of international

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Peter Oakley

all others that adhere to a gold standard. Specie’s material basis also offers potentials not available to fiat currencies. In a fiat system, the lowest denomination coin is the practical limit case of divisibility for direct exchange, and the value of

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The Timeline of a Concept

Juan Francisco Fuentes

organized from the Farmers’ Alliance created in the 1870s and championed a program inspired by a sort of agrarian democracy and the rejection of the gold standard, financial power, railroad companies, and the political establishment. The People's Party

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Gender, Leadership and Representative Democracy

The Differential Impacts of the Global Pandemic

Kim Rubenstein, Trish Bergin, and Pia Rowe

’ styles of leadership, which we, as a culture, have traditionally held up as the gold standard of leadership.” Two things ought to be highlighted here: the countries that so far have effectively handled the COVID-19 crisis are not only led by women, with a

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Clarifying Liquidity

Keynes and Marx, Merchants, and Poets

Rolf Hugoson

governments outside the United States enjoyed guarantees from the American Federal Reserve that any dollar holdings could be exchanged for gold. This “gold standard” was also insurance against inflation and devaluation due to increased supply of money. 65

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Remembering the Second World War in Post-Soviet Educational Media

Barbara Christophe

a “gold standard” of commemorating the past—a perception that has clearly lost its plausibility with the recent upsurge of populism in what we used to call the West written with a capital W, in the tradition of putting emphasis on the elevated status

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Cormac Ó Beaglaoich, Mark Kiss, Clíodhna Ní Bheaglaoich, and Todd G. Morrison

gender role conflict being viewed as particularly intriguing. Notes 1 Due to concerns about the psychometric properties of the GRCS-A ( Ó Beaglaoich et al. 2013 ; 2015a ), we did not regard this measure as a “gold standard” and, thus, did not use it to