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Psalms 113–118

Qualified Praise?

Jeremy Schonfield

Psalms 113–118 appear as a group in the synagogue liturgy, where they are known collectively as ‘Hallel’, usually interpreted as ‘praise’. Some worshippers regard this name as a justification for viewing the psalms as triumphalist and singing them

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Edited by Jonathan Magonet

texts continues with Admiel Kosman’s analysis of a Talmudic tale, Jeremy Schonfield’s article on the Hallel Psalms, and Andrew Levy’s reading of Ecclesiastes in the light of contemporary philosophical thought. Three book reviews complete the issue. In

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Prayer Book Reform in Europe, Continued

Bibliography and Developments in Progressive Jewish Liturgy, 1967–2015

Annette M. Boeckler

, arwit lechol and shacharit lechol, birkat ha-mazon, arwit Chanukkah, 9 be av, arwit leschawuot, tikkun shavuot, arwit Pilgerfeste, Sukkot, Hallel, Seder 9. Aw, Seder Unabhängigkeitstag, Purim, and all High Holyday services. The files contain the texts in