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Annina Schneller

Many of the ways in which artifacts appear to or actually do affect us—as elegant, dynamic, comfortable, authentic—are based on the fact that they are designed objects. Design is an effect-oriented process that resorts to design rules linking formal aspects of designed artifacts to specific design effects. Design rhetoric tries to capture these links between design techniques and resulting effects. This article presents design-rhetorical methods of identifying design rules of intersubjective validity. The new approach, developed at Bern University of the Arts, combines rhetorical design analysis with practice-oriented design research, based on the creation and empirical testing of design variants in accordance with effect hypotheses.

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Automobility and Oil Vulnerability

Unfairness as Critical to Energy Transitions

Ana Horta

. Relatório UTAO n. 5/2019 . Lisbon : Assembleia da República . Vreese , Claes H. 2005 . “ News Framing: Theory and Typology .” Information Design Journal + Document Design 13 ( 1 ): 51 – 62 . 10.1075/idjdd.13.1.06vre Wagner , Aleksandra . 2018

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A Literacy Landscape Unresolved

Beyond the Boy Crisis and into Superhero Fiction

Michael Kehler and Jacob Cassidy

. 2000b . “ Multimodality .” In Cope and Kalantzis , Multiliteracies , 182 – 202 . Kress , Gunther . 2004 . “ Reading Images: Multimodality, Representation, and New Media .” Information Design Journal 12 ( 2 ): 110 – 119 . 10.1075/idjdd.12

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Kira Mahamud Angulo and Yovana Hernández Laina

political events … is to be found.” 85 Textbooks from the 1980s avoided dealing with the second crisis and assigned a relevant leading role to economic knowledge, in addition to the adoption of new information design. This is illustrated by the graphic