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A Critique of Liberal Universalism

The Concept of Secular Philosophical Grounding

Jaan S. Islam

( Islam 2016a ). In this case, there is no necessary problem with assuming the Bible as the source of truth – the first premise; however, one is not able to extrapolate their political philosophy from that assumption. This leads to the inability to justify

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Islam, Travel, and Learning

A Case Study on Indonesian Muslim Student Diasporas in Saudi Arabia

Sumanto Al Qurtuby

Introduction Traditionally and historically, Muslim students have been one of the most important agents of distributing Islamic thinking and religious practices in Indonesia. Indonesian Muslim students who studied Islam in the Middle East and

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Clothing and Colours in Early Islam

Adornment (Aesthetics), Symbolism and Differentiation

Hadas Hirsch

, life needs, social codes, religious demands and socioeconomic manifestations. By the rise of Islam in the seventh century, the holy scripture of the Koran established and institutionalised its existence economically, politically and religiously

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Islam as the Problem, Christianity as the Solution

Rupture and Continuity as Missionary Method for the Conversion of Iranians

Ana Maria Gomes Raietparvar

through digital means. As it is a non-religious holiday, I was curious to know what relationship Iranian Christians would have with this holiday. After all, it is an Iranian tradition and not an Islamic one. I browsed the Instagram pages of some of the

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Islamic Biopolitics during Pandemics in Russia

Intertextuality of Religious, Medical and Political Discourses

Sofya A. Ragozina

control. Religious discourse had to adapt in order to explain the pandemic. In this article I consider the ‘translation’ of medical and political discourses into the language of Islam in Russia during the spread of COVID-19. I analyse speeches, fatwas

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Old Philosophy, New Movement: The Rise of the Islamic Ecological Paradigm in the Discourse of Environmentalism

Md Saidul Islam

Contesting the U.S.-centric bias of modern environmentalism, this essay uncovers an “old“ paradigm of environmentalism found in the medieval Islamic tradition, the Islamic Ecological Paradigm (IEP)—which, in many respects, is tantamount to many ideologies of modern environmentalism. According to IEP, human beings are a part of, and not above, nature, and have the responsibility to preserve nature. Many paradigms of modern environmentalism have largely embraced this ideology, though they do not necessarily trace their origin to IEP. This essay also analyzes Muslim environmental activism today by focusing on how its proponents are inspired by modern environmentalism while grounding their activism in IEP. Despite substantial variance and occasional tension, the author argues that both modern environmentalism and IEP can form an ontological alliance, an alliance that is of paramount importance to addressing environmental problems that transcend physical and cultural borders.

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The Politics of Islamic Death Rituals in the COVID-19 Era

The Case of Egypt

Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal and Matthew Ryan Sparks

Islamic religious institution of Egypt, as well as the Coptic Orthodox Church, implemented restrictions suspending group prayers and services in all houses of worship throughout the country for two weeks ( Egypt Today 2020 ; Rahouma and Hegazy 2020 ). It

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(Re)presentations of Islam in Albanian History Textbooks from 1990 to 2013

Enis Sulstarova

-centric, and secular approaches that dominate the way history is taught in the pre-university public education system. By focusing on world and national history textbooks, this study analyses the role assigned to Islam in representations of the self and the

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On Institutional Pluralization and the Political Genealogies of Post-Yugoslav Islam

Jeremy F. Walton and Piro Rexhepi

pluralism by offering a fine-grained portrait of institutional pluralization in a specific, fertile context—that of Islam in several of the successor states of former Yugoslavia. In doing so, we contribute to an expanding literature on Islam in socialist and

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Islam, Rights, and Ethical Life

The Problem of Political Modernity in the Islamic World

Michael J. Thompson

This paper considers the roots of the dissonance between political modernity and Islamic societies. It argues that primacy has to be given to the analysis of different paradigms of 'ethical life' which are ways in which ethical-political categories are organized within society. A distinction is made between 'nomocentric' and 'rights-based' paradigms of ethical life, the former associated with a system of moral duties and the latter with a system of political and ethical rights accorded to the individual. I argue that the emphasis on a nomocentric paradigm of ethical life has the effect of suppressing the development of a rights-based ethical and political discourse in large enough segments of the society to limit a progressive change toward political modernity. I further analyze the ways in which forces of social and economic modernisation play a role in antagonizing the relation between modernity and the more traditional forms of ethical life which predominate in Islamic society and political/ethical thought.