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Galia Golan

The failure to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict for many years has often been attributed in significant part to the absence of trust in the sincerity of the other side and, more specifically, to the recalcitrant nature of the opponent. Analyses of past proposals and actual negotiations have pointed out missed opportunities, possibly the result of misperceptions or misunderstandings. Recent archival research, publications, and interviews regarding the Israeli protagonists reveal that actual deception, as distinct from ‘misperception’, may have been at play. The article examines this phenomenon as it has appeared since 1967 in six instances of Israeli government dealings with its own public and with the US or the international community, even in recent months, due primarily to an unwillingness to withdraw from the Occupied Territories or agree to enter serious negotiations for ending the conflict with the Palestinians.

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Guy Ziv

This article argues that Israel's policy of nuclear ambiguity, which has recently come under fire due to unfolding events in the Middle East, has played a critical role in the Arab world's strategic calculus vis-à-vis Israel. It has convinced Arab leaders of Israel's military superiority, putting an end to their efforts to annihilate the Jewish state. At the same time, it has shielded them from public pressure to become nuclear powers themselves. Indeed, Arab leaders have, in practice, reconciled themselves to Israel's existence, creating the possibility for resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict through peace diplomacy. Israel would be mistaken, I argue, to abandon its doctrine of nuclear ambiguity, a move that could accelerate nuclear proliferation in the region, bring about a pre-emptive attack on Israel's nuclear facilities, and harm US-Israeli relations.

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Meron Benvenisti, Son of the Cypresses: Memories and Regrets from a Political Life Review by Ruth Amir

Gadi Ben Ezer, The Migration Journey: The Ethiopian Jewish Exodus Review by Marian Reiff

Uri Bialer, Cross on the Star of David: The Christian Word in Israel’s Foreign Policy—1967 Review by Neville Lamdan

Jakob Feldt, The Israeli Memory Struggle: History and Identity in the Age of Globalization Review by Uri Ram

Esther Fuchs, ed., Israeli Women’s Studies: A Reader Review by Harriet Hartman

David Hulme, Identity, Ideology and the Future of Jerusalem Review by Ned Lazarus

Edy Kaufman, Walid Salem, and Juliette Verhoeven, eds., Bridging the Divide: Peacebuilding in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Review by Sarah E. Yerkes

Zeev Maoz, Defending the Holy Land: A Critical Analysis of Israel’s Security and Foreign Policy Review by Brent E. Sasley

Michael B. Oren, Power, Faith and Fantasy—America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present Review by Zvi Ra’anan

Yoram Peri, Generals in the Cabinet Room: How the Military Shapes Israeli Policy Review by David Tal

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Lionel Blue

could only cry or act. Now a new time has come – to think, to ponder and to listen. I ask my readers therefore for the sake of Israel, and for the peace of Jerusalem, to listen even when this involves criticism of Israeli policies and aspects of

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Geoffrey Bindman

the State of Israel and its policies towards Palestinians. This leads them to see meetings at which criticism of Israeli policies is likely to take place as occasions for antisemitic speeches or allegations. In reliance on their interpretation of the

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Assaf Shapira

, can immediately acquire Israeli citizenship. By contrast, Israeli policy does not grant citizenship according to jussoli : children born in Israel to non-citizens are not entitled to citizenship. Nor does Israel usually allow immigrants, even long

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Israel and East-Central Europe

Case Studies of Israel's Relations with Poland and Hungary

Joanna Dyduch

premiership ( Skorek 2018 ). Ever since, the Palestinian-Israeli peace process has been in crisis, with the European Union growing increasingly frustrated with Israeli policy. Meanwhile, for the ECE countries, the end of the decade was punctuated by increasing

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Menachem Klein

, discriminatory urban planning, and the negative impacts of Israeli policies on Palestinians’ everyday life. In two of its reports, Ir Amim (2009 , 2012 ) exposes Elad's secret cooperation with several branches of the Israeli government to take over Palestinian

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Brent E. Sasley

common disciplinary basis for thinking about the subject matter. In History, questions about, for example, Zionist and Israeli policy during the 1947–1949 War of Independence, or about early and contemporary discriminatory practices in Israel, depend on

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Kobi Peled, Thomas Mitchell, Kenneth Waltzer, Brent E. Sasley, Hillel Cohen, and Laura Zittrain Eisenberg

Diaspora Jewry’s sense of connection to Israel. More importantly, political obligation opens up space for Jewish criticism of Israeli policy. After the introduction, the first two chapters lay out the theoretical framework. They are thick with abstract